Getting ready for the May 2104 retreat, it’s gonna be great! Another beautiful soul family is coming to Gaia Sagrada for a special time together, one they will never forget!

We were out getting some of the non-perishable supplies today, and stuff for the construction guys.

Building the new Ceremony Pavilion

We’re trying to get a new patio completed that we are going to use for various activities. It’s beautiful and coming along nicely! They are building the rock walls for it right now. The roof is up already, using the antique ceramic roof tiles we had sitting around for three years, time to use them! It’s a giant round gazebo and we’ll be able to light a fire in the middle for ceremonies, it’s so pretty! Lots of space so everyone can spread out.


Some is maturing and finishing, so the ladies are moving through it and cutting everything that needs to hang and dry. What fun to see it start coming in! The quinoa is all turning these beautiful rainbow colors. It’s so pretty! It got really tall in some places, wow! I had no idea this is what quinoa looks like. It is greener and taller and bigger in the places where it gets a lot of water and also where it got a lot of chicken poo fertilizer when it was planted. Look! This is what quinoa looks like when it grows. Did you know? It’s beautiful!