You Are Needed

by Matt Johnson


Many believe we are living in the “End Times”.  They believe that we are living in an age of darkness and, soon, Christ will return to deliver those who believe in him. There are various points of view among Christians as to how this will happen.


Some believe true Christians will disappear and fly off to Heaven all at once in an event called “The Rapture”. This is a popular belief among Protestant, evangelical Christians. These Christians, instead of dying a normal death, will ascend up to Heaven while still alive as Jesus did in the New Testament. Their mortal bodies will be transformed into immortal bodies and they will safely stay in Heaven while everyone else left back on Earth will go through seven years of intense suffering under the worldwide dictatorship of the Anti-Christ and Satan. 


Other Christians believe there will be no Rapture, but Christians will suffer along with everyone else. This will give the world one last chance to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. There are as many views as there are Christians on how the end of the world scenario plays out, but many Christians living today truly believe we are in that period in history. Many point to the re-emergence of Israel as a Hebrew speaking nation after nearly 2000 years of non-existence as a major sign of the times.


Muslims have a similar belief about a coming messianic figure they call the “Mahdi”. Many Hindus also have a belief that we are currently living in an age of darkness called Kali Yuga which will be brought to an end by a savior figure named Kalki. He is an avatar of Vishnu, the 2nd god in the Hindu Trimurti. This bears a striking resemblance to the Christian Trinity with Christ as the 2nd person of the Trinity. Krishna was also an avatar of Vishnu. The similarity of the names of Christ and Krishna as well as their positions in the Trinity and Trimurti are too much to ignore.  Both religions are waiting for messianic figures with similar names and positions in their pantheons. 


Buddhists, Theosophists and many New Agers are waiting for the coming of a similar figure named Maitreya. He is often called “the World Teacher”. It is thought by many he is a reincarnation of several important teachers throughout history including Krishna and Christ. He is expected by many to appear in our time period. Alice Bailey, a famous theosophist, believed he would appear to the world in our current decade (the 2020s). It is thought he will teach the world the great universal truths and perennial wisdom of the ages which will allow humanity to evolve to the next level. 


Is any of this true? Some Jewish believers are still waiting for the Messiah to come. They do not believe Jesus was the Messiah. They hold that all of the prophecies listed in the Christian New Testament are nothing more than cherry picked phrases that are meant to sound like prophecies, but are nothing of the sort. They also point out that a plain reading of the New Testament would lead one to believe Jesus said he would return 2000 years ago. A bit late I would say!


Skeptics will point out that there is very little historical evidence for any of these messiahs, be they Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or otherwise. They claim they are most likely myths based on real people or created from the imagination completely and no different than Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker. They claim the idea of waiting to be saved or rescued by some divine hero harkens back to our ancient ancestors huddling in caves as dangerous beasts and the hardships of life threatened to kill them. Perhaps a powerful father or mother warrior did rescue them by slaying a tiger or a bear and then provided them with much needed food from the hunt. Such an event no doubt happened thousands upon thousands of times to our ancient ancestors and the hero/savior archetype was imprinted upon our subconscious mind. When all is lost, how many of us have not cried out to God to save us? As was seen with the murder of George Floyd, when death was coming, he cried out for his mama. Many soldiers do this when their wounds are mortal. It is hardwired into us. 


One does not need to believe in anything at all to see that a new age is upon us. People need saving. People need teaching. The world is crazy. YOU ARE NEEDED. The world needs heroes. You do not have to be perfect. If you have a heart to help others, you are qualified. My wife puts bowls of water in our backyard for birds suffering from the intense summer heat. This is a simple gesture and yet to those birds, my wife is like a goddess, a savior. Many of you are studying for spiritual work. Some of you are psychics or mediums. You may read tarot or oracle cards. YOU ARE NEEDED. Your gifts help others to have hope. Or you can post memes of encouragement and inspiration on social media. Call a friend or a relative. Send an encouraging text or an email. Be the light by which others are delivered from the darkness. A simple phrase at the right time, written or spoken, can save someone’s world. 


We are entering into an era where technology, climate change and a host of other things are going to change the human race forever. I personally believe all of these religions are allegories for a universal truth. We are about to enter into a fantastic new age. Humanity is waking up from centuries of racism, sexism, greed and ignorance of all kinds. You can be the chosen one. We are all emanations of the Big Bang. We are all expressions or avatars of the Universe. We are all the chosen one!


At the beginning of every great story, the hero goes through a period of training. So get trained young Jedi! You can use my book for free (The Best News Ever). You can also start taking classes with the University of Metaphysical Sciences for a very low cost. I believe it is the most important mystery school in our era and if you can find a way to study with them, DO IT! YOU ARE NEEDED! Get to it my friend! The world needs you now more than ever! 


Matt Johnson is an author, an ordained minister and a psychic medium. He holds degrees in history and business and is currently furthering his education with the University of Metaphysical Sciences. For more information, visit him at: