manifestingManifesting is the power we have but don’t use consciously most of the time. You are creating your reality whether you know it or not. There is nothing happening in your reality that hasn’t been set up by you in some way or another. Yes, we are all agreeing to be part of mass events and have chosen particular soul agendas that give us the general script we are living by, but we are each ad-libbing, so to speak, within those agreements we have chosen to be part of.

Some things ARE out of your control, like the karmic blueprint of your soul and the soul agenda you have come to work on, contracts we have agreed to as to what we have decided to work on in this lifetime or not work on. However, those things do not determine whether you are successful in your life mission.

What determines your success at manifesting what you want in your life is…Manifesting

your commitment to transcending the “obstacles” you have chosen in this lifetime (no life agenda is complete without a set of challenges to meet before you can manifest what you want!). So the best practice is to use each life experience as an opportunity for growth and transcend those challenges as they show up, growing, changing, transmuting. When this happens, it becomes more possible to manifest what you want as the “obstacles” are removed, the things in your personality that needed to adjust.

The mechanics of manifesting have to do with belief in what you want to manifest in your life, and the feeling of the frequencies of what you want to create rather than the image of what you want to create. It can come to you better than you imagined if you leave out the image of what you want!

Just because you haven’t perfected the personality yet, as it takes a lifetime to transcend these challenges you took on, doesn’t mean that you can’t start manifesting what you want. What it takes to start is to hold the frequency of what you want. If you want something that creates security and stability, you need to hold those frequencies in your energy. If you want to create a love relationship, you must hold the frequency of that in your energy. If you want to manifest your life mission, you must hold that in your frequency to attract it to you.

The emotion and the intensity with which you want it is what draws it faster. Affirmations are not all it takes, and belief is not all that it takes, and action is not all it takes. It takes an intensity of emotion. That is the “juice” of the engine that draws it to you.