10 Hectares, (24 acres) with all utilities, located right next to Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center! (near Cuenca, Ecuador)

$430,000 or make an offer. Seller contact info below.

Intentional Community for UMS and Gaia Sagrada Friends?

The land next door to us at Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador has come up for sale. It was a rose farm, but a hailstorm destroyed the plants, and all the greenhouses need plastic roofs replaced if it is to continue as an agricultural complex. It has a great house to live in, a refrigerated room, all utilities, river rights, potable water, electric, internet access, many greenhouses, and great views, so if you were ever thinking you would like to live close to Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador, this is your chance!

System integrated irrigation.
Reservoir of 1,500 cubic meters with new geo membrane.
Rights of irrigation water.
Drinking water.
Water purification plant.
Industrial installations.
Green space for recreation.



Dwelling House & Cold Room

Maybe if a few people come together who want to build houses on the land and

live here, that would be a great way to go about buying this land, each person having a share of the land for $50,000 – $100,000 each. If not used for agricultural purposes, it would be a great place to establish an intentional community right next to Gaia Sagrada! An intentional community with UMS graduates, students and friends would be pretty cool!

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity further, and you want to possibly be a partner in the land, send us your contact info and how much money you can put in.

Seller Contact Info

If you want to buy the whole thing yourself, you can contact the seller yourself if you speak Spanish at 0983349912 in Ecuador or from outside the country, 593 – 98-334-9912. You will want to speak with Juan.

OR email him at juan@dreamyroses.com

Tell him Gaia Sagrada (Christine Breese) sent you!