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    Shamanic ceremonies open to volunteer participants for a special price of $100 each ceremony, which is included in the $150 per retreat fee. You are guaranteed one ceremony per retreat. You will pay onsite with cash or credit card for each additional ceremony after the first one of each retreat.
    I understand that as a volunteer at Gaia Sagrada I am responsible for keeping the energy clean and the vibration intact for the shamanic work that is being done. I understand recreational drugs or using the sacred medicines in a recreational way whether on or off the property causes disharmony in the ceremonies, the volunteers and staff, and brings in interfering and possibly dangerous spiritual energies, putting the guests at risk spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically, compromising the safety of Gaia Sagrada. I understand that I am not allowed to go off property and do recreational drugs and come back to Gaia Sagrada either. I agree to keep my body clean during my entire time at Gaia Sagrada, both on and off the property of the retreat center AND DURING BREAKS. If I test positive for any drugs or I am caught doing drugs, I understand that it is grounds for immediate dismissal from Gaia Sagrada without warning. I ALSO AGREE TO REFRAIN FROM USING THE SACRED MEDICINES OUTSIDE OF Gaia Sagrada, DURING AND BETWEEN RETREATS, even with other shamans, during my tenure as a volunteer here. I understand not all shamans are skilled at protecting me from interfering energies and Gaia Sagrada does not want to mix energies with other shamans in the outside world. I understand that Gaia Sagrada must preserve the clarity, spiritual cleanliness, and safety of this space for doing this work.