Ayahuasca diet recipes!

Heather Adams, one of the amazing kitchen goddesses who passed through Gaia Sagrada recently updated and printed out all our recipes and this is what you’ll get to eat at Gaia Sagrada! The ayahausca diet does not have to be bland or boring. It’s actually exciting! Here are some ayahuasca recipes you can really enjoy! Thank you Heather Adams! Check out her website at http://www.thebuenavida.com where you can see some of the things she and her friend Amanda Schendel offer. They do some retreats in the USA and other places and these two gals are a lot of fun!!

HEALTHY (and Ayahuasca Friendly) RECIPES

These recipes came straight form the cookbook I developed at plant medicine retreat Gaia Sagrada. They are meant to feed around 50 people! I’m currently working on paring them down for use at home but until then you will need to majorly scale down the amount of ingredients (unless you’re feeding a big crew or have space to freeze some of the goodness!). Come back soon for more recipes and at-home-use versions! —Heather Adams

(yes, you can eat avocados on the Ayahuasca Diet, just not a lot)

-In a blender, blend up:

– 4-6 Soft Avocados

-½ Cup of Citrus juice (orange, lime, lemon is fine)

-About 4 tbsp Olive Oil

-Salt, Pepper, Thyme to Taste (finely diced celery leaves if you have them)

-Always check the fridge to see if you have dressing leftover you can blend right in

-Blend in water to make dressing less thick if needed

-You’ll probably need two batches or more


This recipe is AMAZING for steamed or raw veggies, noodles, sandwhiches you name it. So delicious!


-10 cups of peanut butter

-About 4-6 cups of water

-About one cup of tamari

-About ½ cup of ginger

-Pepper to taste

-Lime juice to taste



-In a large sauce pan add 5 cups of peanut butter and slowly add in water and stir constantly till you get a creamy sauce, continue to add peanut butter and the water while maintaining a thick yet creamy consistency. Add in the rest of the ingredients (tamari, lime, etc) to taste.


(Makes about 100 Patties)


-32 Cups of Cooked Sprouted Lentils

-8 Cups of Oats

-Carrots, shredded in processor

-Zucchini, shredded in processor

-Beets, shredded in processor

-Peppers, finely diced

-Flax Egg Mixture (3 cups of Water, Mixed with 1 Cup of Flax Meal. Let sit for 10 min. before use)

-Cumin, Salt, Pepper, Turmeric, Paprika, Thyme and Sumac to taste




-Shred/Dice enough vegetables to fill three saucepans & saute vegetables in corn oil with small amount of spices. Let cool.

-Use the largest mixing bowl you have OR divide ingredients into half and use two bowls.

-Mix together lentils, sauteed veggies, flax egg mixture and spices to taste.

-Run ¾ of the mixture through the food processor and mix it with ¼ of the non processed mixture.


-Form into equal sized patties and place on large greased pans

-Cook in oven (around 425 degrees) for 30 minutes. Flip patties halfway through.

-Make sure to rotate pans halfway through (flip pans around and switch top to bottom)

-Serve with slice buns/rolls

-Slice lettuce and tomatoes (no onions!) and other Aya Friendly Fixin’s

-Set out mayo, mustard and ketchup



Avoid the temptation to use garlic and onion, I know, I know, WTF right? But trust the GK Bible, it will taste pretty good! Use leftover guacamole in the Avocado Citrus Dressing but usually there are no leftovers!


-Ripe Avocados, fill one metal bowl (the large wide one with the one with the lip/rim)

-Salt & Pepper



-Lime or Lemon Juice

-Cilantro or Parsley


Mash avocados and stir in remaining ingredients to taste! Some people like it chunky or you can smooth it down with a little hand blender action! Serve with chips and/or crudite.



-40 Plantains

-Coconut Oil



-Cut plantains lengthwise and then in half

-Pour lots of oil in the pan and place quarters of plantains in the pan.

-BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot oil can splash and burn. Place them mindfully in the pan.

-Fry each side till it’s browned and caramelized.

-Place in a pan that has paper towel on the bottom of it to soak up the oil.



-Soak 5 packages of black beans overnight in a huge pot. Fill the pot generously with water. Dried beans are thirsty little buggers!

-On day of serving, rinse beans and cover with water in a large pot

-Put a cast iron flat pan on between the burner and the pot so the beans don’t burn

– Add in lots of cumin, turmeric, paprika, salt and pepper, go nuts!

-Stir and bring beans to the boil.  Once beans get to a boil, lower flame and simmer

-Stir occasionally, making sure to get all the way to the bottom

-Beans are done when they’re not mealy anymore.




-8 cups of brown or white rice (see if you have leftovers in the fridge or freezer first!)

-3 cups of diced tomato (look for fridge leftovers or use tomatoes about to turn)

-Any Leftover Vegetables

-4 TBSP of olive oil

-Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Thyme to taste

-Flax Egg Mixture (¾ cups of water mixed with ¼ cup of flax meal, let it sit for 10 minutes before use)

-¼ -½ cup Nutritional Yeast, if you have it on hand



-Pound your 8 cups of cool rice until it gets gummy and sticky

-Blend tomato, old veggies, oil and spice together in blender until smooth

-Pour tomato blend, Flax Egg Mixture and Nutritional Yeast in the rice

-Mix and blend well, add extra spices if needed

-Form mixture into balls the size of golf balls

-Put balls in a well greased pan

-Cook in oven for 30-40 minutes, turn balls over halfway through

-Balls should be crisped and slightly browned

-Use a spatula to get balls out as they may be stuck to the bottom



-Put 2 cups of tomato sauce in a bowl

-Stir in 4 Tablespoons of olive oil

-Stir in 3 Tablespoons of Balsamic Vinegar

-Stir in 4 Pinches of Panela or brown sugar

-Mix in herbs like Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Parsley, Salt and Pepper, to taste



-4 Cups of Oat Flour

-2 TBSP of Filtered Water

-¾ Cup of Cacao Powder

-¼ of Coconut Oil

-6 Cups of dates, figs, raisins and/or old stone fruit (apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, etc)

-1 tsp of sea salt

-8 TBSP of shredded coconut

-Use the zest of two oranges or 4 limes



-If all you have to use is stone fruit: Take steam and pits out of fruit. Boil fruit in a small pot with 1/2 cup of lime juice and a ¼ cup of panela till it gets gummy. Boil until most of the liquid is soaked up. If you have dates, figs or raisins there’s not need to prep.

-Mix everything together in the food processor. Add more or less water and/or coconut oil as needed to make sure everything blends. Consistency should be like playdoh.

-Place mix in fridge until it hardens (About 30 minutes)

-When hardened, roll mix into balls the size of large marbles and place on a large round tray.

-Very lightly sprinkle balls with Cacao Power when finished.




-8 cups of Cooked and Cooled Quinoa

-4 cups of diced tomatoes

-2 cups of diced cucumbers (no seeds)

-1 cup of Finely Diced Fresh Mint and/or Parsley Leaves

-½ cup of Olive Oil

-½ cup of lemon or lime juice

-2 tbsp of Dried Cumin

-Salt and Pepper to taste



Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Adjust spice to taste. Aaaaaand done.




-30 Cups of Cooked Garbanzo Beans

-4-5 Cups of Quinoa Flour

-2 Cups of Finely Diced Parsley

-¼ of Salt

-¼ Cup of Cumin

-⅛ cup ofPaprika

-Pepper to Taste




-Pulse all ingredients in the food processor, one batch at a time.

-Mix all the batches together in a huge bowl and blend. Adjust spices to taste.

– Mix should be sandy, like bread crumbs almost. NOT paste.

-Rolls into balls and put on a greased tray

-Cook in oven until browned




-2 Quarts of Plain Yogurt

-6 Cucumbers peeled, seeded and small diced

-4 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

-¼ of lemon or lime juice

-4 tsp of chopped fresh dill or dried dill

-Salt and Pepper to taste



Combine all ingredients in a metal bowl. Adjust flavors to taste. Let sit in fridge to absorb flavors for at least 30 minutes or so.




-2 heads of purple cabbage

-¼ cup of toasted sesame

-¼ cup of shredded ginger

-⅓  cup of olive oil

-4 Tbsp of Lemon or Lime

-Salt and Pepper to taste



-Shred/chop cabbage with the slice tool in the food processor or by hand

-Add cabbage and oil in a large bowl and beat the cabbage into submission. Show it who’s boss! You’re trying to break down the toughness but keep some good texture.

-How to toast sesame seeds: Put them in a clean, dry cast iron skillet and cook them until they are browned and smelling all nice.

-Add in the sesame seeds and remaining ingredients and stir.

-Adjust spices, citrus juice and ginger according to your taste. Jazz it up!




Combine Dry:

6 Cups of Cornmeal or Corn Flour

4.5 Cups of Gluten Free Flour Mix

6 Tablespoons of Sugar

4 Tablespoons of Baking Powder

3 Teaspoons of Salt


Combine Wet:

6 Cups of Milk

6 Eggs lightly beaten

2.5 Cups of Melted Butter or vegan substitute


Preheat the oven to about 375 degrees

-Use butter to grease 3 large pans

-Blend your Dry Ingredients and your Wet Ingredients separately

-Slowly fold your wet ingredients into your dry once and blend well

-Pour batter evenly between your three greased pans

-Put in the oven until the top is golden brown and a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Should be about 2o-35 minutes depending on how hot the oven is.

-Remove cornbread when it’s done and let it cool for about 10 minutes before serving it.

-This WILL GO SUPER FAST so cut small squares. People be LOVIN’ cornbread man!




Check dat fridge ya’ll! This is the perfect time to clear out veggies that need to get used!

-5 bags of black beans

-2 bags of kidney beans

-6 cups of quinoa (check in fridge, you can even use leftover Quinoa Tabbouli, no prob!)

-4 Cups of Shredded Carrots

-4 Cups of Diced Peppers

-2 Bags of Corn

-Leftover Veg, everything works!

-¼ cup of panela

-2 TBSP of Cinnamon

-4 Cups of Tomato Sauce

-Lots of water

-Cumin, Turmeric, Paprika, Aji or Chili Powder, Panela, Oregano, Salt, Pepper



-When the beans are just about done add in all the veg and quinoa. Throw in that tomato sauce and a cup or two of water more if you needed. Throw it all in!

-Simmer all that Goodness for another hour or so

-Take pot off the stove and blend using the hand blender till excess water is absorbed but you still have some chunkiness.

-Adjust flavors as needed and simmer until dinnertime! Remember to stir up, ooo darlin




-6 cups of cooked black beans (As always, check your freezer and fridge for leftovers

-1.5 cups of onions

-2 cups of small diced peppers

-½ cup of cilantro

-5 minced garlic cloves

-⅛ cup of lime juice

-Cumin, Salt and Pepper to Taste



-Just blend all that business in the food processor

-Adjust spices etc. to your liking!


Quality vegetable stock is hard to find so we just decided to make our own! It’s so simple and makes all the soups delicious, add it to all of them. You can make it a few days in advance and store it in the fridge or freezer or just use it right out of the crock pot.


You can collect all this as you go, cuz lord knows we chop veg on the DAILY!

– a bunch of parsley stems

-6-8 tops of healthy carrots (leafy bits are OK)

-The whole bottom core of a celery bunch and/or celery sticks and leaves

-5 Black Peppercorns

-5 Sweet Peppercorns

-3 Whole Bay Leaves

-A tablespoon of Thyme

-Any mushrooms butts or pieces if you have them to spare




-Throw all the ingredients in the big brown crock pot, fill it with water and turn it to high.

-Cover the crock pot and let it roast at least for overnight and up to a day

-When it’s time to harvest, strain all the liquid you can get into a jar or tub and refrigerate or freeze (freeze in plastic and leave room for expansion).

-Discard the old veggies and start again!

-Rock out with your crock out-



-Fill a large metal pot with peeled, diced potatoes

-1 Batch of Vegetable Stock

-1 whole package of celery with leafy tops

-6 Cups of shredded carrots

-8 Cups of uncooked peas

-10 Bay Leaves

-2 Tbsp of Grand Laurel

-Salt and Pepper to Taste

-A billion cups of Love


This recipes makes 2 pots of soup so separate all the ingredient equally in 2 separate p0ts!

-In one pot, Cook ⅔ of your potatoes until soft. Puree with a hand blender. Set aside.

-In two separate pots, fill ½ full with filtered water and add the celery tops and uncooked green peas. Cook until peas are almost tender.

-Add your seasoning, diced celery, shredded carrots

-Add your veggie stock and additional water if needed.

-20 minutes before you serve the soup add the remainder of your diced potatoes

-Right before serving add your pureed potatoes and mix until the soup is creamy.

-Adjust the spices to your liking and serve it up!



-Fill a large metal pot with peeled, diced potatoes

-2 Heads of white cabbage, shredded in food processor

-1 Full Medium Large Metal bowl of shredded carrots

-1 Batch of Homemade Vegetable Stock

-⅛ cup of Panela

-1 Cup of Tomato Paste or Sauce

-10 Whole Bay Leaves

-10 Peppercorns

-Salt, pepper, cumin, turmeric to taste

-A billion cups of Love


This recipes makes 2 pots of soup so separate all the ingredient equally in 2 separate p0ts!

-Split diced potatoes into two large pots, cover with water and boil until they are slightly tender to the fork.

-While potatoes are boiling away, saute your carrots in two separate pans with corn oil and salt, pepper, cumin and turmeric. Carrots are done when they are tender.

– When the potatoes are done, add in cooked carrots, shredded cabbage and the rest of the ingredients.

To make 2 big pots need one pot of peeled and diced potatoes, head(or two) white cabbage and similar amount grated carrots

-Continue cooking until cabbage is tender, do not mix with a hand blender. Soup is mant to be chunky.

-When serving, remember to stir it well and scoop from the bottom to get all the tasty bits.



-Fill a large metal pot with peeled, diced potatoes

-2 Medium Small Metal bowls of shredded carrots

-1 Batch of Homemade Vegetable Stock

-10 Whole Bay Leaves

-10 Peppercorns

-Whole cumin seeds

-⅛-¼ cup of panela

-Salt, pepper, cumin, turmeric, curry powder to taste

-Finely diced cilantro for garnish

-A billion cups of Love


This recipes makes 2 pots of soup so separate all the ingredient equally in 2 separate p0ts!

-Split diced potatoes into two large pots, cover with water and boil until they are slightly tender to the fork. Throw in the bay leaves and peppercorns in this stage

-While potatoes are boiling away, heat corn oil in 2 large saucepans and stir around a ½ teaspoon of the whole cumin seeds for a few minutes.

– Throw in your carrots (1 bowl of carrots per saucepan) and saute them until they are nearly done. Throw in your salt, pepper, cumin, turmeric, and curry powder to taste and saute until carrots are tender.

– When the potatoes are done, add in cooked carrots, 1 pan per pot, and stir. Let all this deliciousness simmer for about 25 minutes.

-Take one pot off the burner at a time, fish out as many bay leaves and peppercorns as you can and blend with a hand blender all the way through.

-Add in panela and set pots back on stove to simmer. Adjust spices to your liking!

-Cut up a bowl of finely diced cilantro for a nice garnish on top of the soup. Nice.



-Fill a large metal pot with peeled, diced potatoes

-Broccoli stalks, peeled and diced and/or diced broccoli heads

-1 Batch of Homemade Vegetable Stock

-10 Whole Bay Leaves

-10 Peppercorns

-1-2 Packages of mushroom depending on what you have, large diced

-Salt, pepper, to taste

-Finely diced parsley for garnish

-A billion cups of Love


This recipes makes 2 pots of soup so separate all the ingredient equally in 2 separate p0ts!

-Fill two pots ½ way with a mixture of water, peppercorns, bay leaves and your soup stock batch. Add the broccoli stalks and bring them to a boil. Add potatoes right after and boil those till they are tender. If you are using broccoli heads those will go in when the potatoes are nearly done because they cook so much faster.

-While your potatoes and broccoli STALKS are boiling. Sautee your mushrooms in a sauce pan with a little oil, salt and pepper. Cover the pan so you get more liquid. Drain the mushroom liquid from the saucepan save it for the final stages of cooking.

-Keep cooking the mushrooms even further. If you don’t have many mushrooms take them off the fire, dice them and put them in a bowl. Now you have the perfect garnish for the top of the soup! If you have a bunch of mushrooms, dice them up and add them to your soup for an even stronger mushroom flavor.

-When potatoes and broccoli stalks are nearly done, add the broccoli heads, extra sauteed diced mushrooms and mushroom juice.

-Fish out as many bay leaves and peppercorns and Blend everything with a hand blender and adjust spices as you like.

-Garnish each bowl with a little bit of sauteed diced mushroom and finely diced parsley!




-Fill a large metal pot with peeled, diced potatoes

-6 bags of frozen corn, thawed

-1 Batch of Homemade Vegetable Stock

-2 Cups of Diced Red Pepper

-10 Whole Bay Leaves

-10 Peppercorns

-Salt, pepper, dried parsley, paprika, cumin

-Finely diced celery leaves for garnish

-A billion cups of Love


This recipes makes 2 pots of soup so separate all the ingredient equally in 2 separate p0ts!

-Split diced potatoes into two large pots, cover with water and boil until they are slightly tender to the fork. Throw in the bay leaves and peppercorns in this stage.

-Saute corn and red pepper in oil with your spices until tender, add to finished potatoes.

-Fish out as many bay leaves and peppercorns as you can andblend using the hand blender until you still have corn chunky but it’s a creamier soup.

-Simmer on stove for at least 30 minutes before you serve it and adjust spices to your liking.




-This recipe makes about 16 loaves, a full day of baking. Split recipe into two bowls because it’s a lot!

-The metal pans bake better than ceramic ones. You can even bake in a medium pan and cut it in half for two loaves

-Anytime you have bananas that are old, slice them, bag and label them and save them in the freezer, they are perfect for banana bread! Check the freezer for frozen bananas before you start and thaw them overnight.


-24 Cups of ripe banana mashed up (Around 30 bananas, yowzers!)

-24 Cups of our Gluten Free Flour Blend

-2 cups of olive oil

-3 Cups of White Sugar

-3 Cups of Panela

-5 Tablespoons of vanilla

-5 Tablespoons of baking soda

-⅓ cup of lemon or citrus juice

-Flax Egg Mixture (Mix ¾ cups of water and 4 Tbsp of Flax Meal together. Let sit for 10 minutes before using)



-It’s best to use two massive bowls and spit the recipe in half as it’s A LOT

-Combine your ingredients in one bowl and stir till all the flour is absorbed and there are no dry pockets. This may take awhile.

-Pour into bread pans, metal ones are best. You can even use a medium pan and cut it in half for two loaves.

-Cook loaves making sure to rotate top to bottom, front to back. If bread is getting too dark on top but not cooking in the middle, cover with foil.

-Loaves are done when a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

-Remember, you’re going to heat these loaves up in the oven after they defrost so if they are a little bit underdone, no prob!

-Wrap each individual loaf up in foil, label and freeze until the night before you want to serve them.

-Heat in the foil, in the oven until they are done.

-Watch the Bread pull a Houdini and disappear!



-12 Cups of Gluten Free Flour

-¼ cup of baking powder

-6 teaspoons of salt

-7 tablespoons of brown sugar

-6 cups of milk

-7 eggs, beaten with a whisk

-7 Tablespoons of olive oil



-Mix all ingredients together

-Pour a small amount onto a hot greased cast iron pan

-When batter bubbles, flip the pancake and cook until golden brown

-Place panckages in a pan with foil on top to keep them warm or in the warmer between the stove and the oven with the oven on very low.

-It may take a few tries to get them right and hey, maybe they come out in weird shapes. Do they taste good? Awesome! THATS what matters:)




-Frozen Sliced Bananas (When your bananas get brown, cut them in slices, put them in freezer bags to freeze and watch the magic fly!)



-Peanut Butter


-Lime Zest


-Cacao Powder


-Break the frozen sliced bananas up a little bit, put in the Cuisinart Food Processor and blend until it’s smooth like soft serve.

-Seriously, it’s that easy!!

-Add in the optional ingredients to taste for other flavors!





-4 cups of banana (8 pieces)

-1.5 cups of ground peanuts (use the coffee grinder)

-2 Tbsp of vanilla

-1 tsp of salt

-8 tsp of baking powder

-1 Tbsp of Cinnamon

-2 cups of oatmeal

-2.5 cups of brown rice flour



-Small diced apples

-Chocolate chips

-Shredded Coconuts



-Mix all ingredients in a bowl, throw in a few optional ingredients if you like

-Form small patties and place them on a greased pan

-Cook for 20-30 minutes until browned

-Remove them from tray to firm up

-Serve with pride!




-The flesh of 10-20 ripe avocados

-1.5 cups of cacoa powder

-2.5 cups of filtered water

-2 Tbsp of vanilla

-1 tsp of salt

-½ cup of panela



-Stir all the ingredients together in a bowl

-Process ingredients in batches in the Cuisinart Food Processor till done




-40 whole apples of abou the the same size

-1 cup of orange juice and or water

-Panela, cinnamon, whole clove, grated nutmeg, 5 Spices to taste

-A bit of butter

-4 cups of oats

-½ cup of panela

-½ cup of coconut flakes

-½ cup of chopped raisins



-Lightly score each apple around the fattest part to keep apples from exploding during backing

-Cut the top of the apple off and save it! This will be the top to the apple.

-Using a melon baller, scoop the core out and discard it.

-Continue scooping flesh out with the melon baller and save this part! This will be part of your filing. Scoop until the apple becomes quite hollow.

-Add all the apple flesh into a pan with orange juice or water. Add your spices to taste. A “Christmasy Taste” is a good aim!

-Simmr your mixture away until most of the apple pieces are cooked down and very tender.

-In a separate bowl: Stir together the oats, panela, coconut flakes, chopped raisins and more of the same spices used in the apple mixture.

-Pour in the completed apple mixture to your dry ingredients and stir well.

-Begin stuffing each apple to the top with mixture.

-Add a small bit of butter to the top but leave some butterless for our vegan homies

-Put the apple tops back on the apples

-Bake in the oven for 30-45 minutes. Check periodically to make sure apples are shrinking or drying out.

-Pairs very well with banana ice cream, just saying!!!




-Any Fruit you can find. Save your scraps that aren’t up to snuff for the ceremony trays

-Simple Syrup (dissolve equal parts water and sugar in a pan over a low flame)


Optional Ingredients:

-Coconut flakes, mint, cinnamon, cacoa, lime zest, 5 Spice


-Throw your fruit and ingredients and a little simple syrup in the blender until pureed. -Freeze in a plastic container making sure to leave room for it to grow. Serve it up!


Sugar plays a larger roll in the sorbet than just sweetening the fruit juice. It’s also crucial for the sorbet’s texture. Too little sugar and the sorbet becomes icy, too much and it can be slushy — hit the sugar level just right and the sorbet will taste creamy and melt evenly across your tongue.

There’s a very simple way to tell if your sugar levels are right: Float a large egg in the sorbet base. Wash and dry a large egg, and then gently lower it into the pureed and strained sorbet base. If you see a nickel-sized round of egg slowing above the surface, you’re golden. If the circle is smaller or if the egg sinks below the surface, you need to add more sugar. If the circle is larger, you need to add a little water or fruit juice.



Should make about 50 Rolls/400 pieces of sushi. Watch some YouTube Videos Before Attempting to Roll Sushi!



Sushi Rice:

-20 cups of cooked white rice

-Sushi Rice Seasoning:

-3 cups of Rice Vinegar (About 2 bottles)

-12 Tablespoons of White Sugar

-12 Teaspoons of Salt


Sushi Filling:

Check in fridge for carrot, zucchini, etc!

-Cut long, thin strips of cucumber

-Shred carrot

-Cut long, thin strips of pepper

-Cut strips of avocado or make a mash if you don’t have hard avocado

-Cut strips of mango and/or pineapple

-Toast sesame seeds in a dry cast iron skillet

-Cut long thin strips of zucchini and separate into two boxes

In Box One: Soak zucchini for awhile in a lime, brown sugar, hot pepper mixture

In Box Two: Soak zucchini in teriyaki sauce



-Cook 20 cups of white rice. Cook 10 cups in one large pot and 10 cupsin another. Steam that rice GOOD because sticky rice is what we’re after.

-Dump the 2 pots of rice out into their own separate bowls. Ideally wood or plastic is better but a huge metal bowl is fine.

-Pour half the sushi rice seasoning into each bowl and stir. Let rice cool to room temp.

-Place one sheet of nori, rough side up, smooth side down on your rolling mat. Move the sheet all the way down to the bottom of the mat (closest side to your body). Lines on nori should be horizontal to you.

-Spread your sushi rice across the sheet of nori. Leave one inch on top uncovered. Really pack the rice down. Make sure to go all the way to the edges. Use your finger to create super defined edges. Defined edges to the end of the nori sheet are important!

-Make sure to not get your nori wet or the roll will fall apart!

-Start by placing ingredients in a line in the middle of the rice plane. Don’t get all cray cray and put in every ingredient. It will smoosh out when you try to roll. Really think about delicious flavor pairings.  If you want to use sesame seeds light spread a few on the whole plane of rice, not just in a line so the crunch is even.

-ALERT! IT’S TIME TO ROLL! BE MINDFUL! Breathe….trust in thyself.

-You want the bottom edge of your sushi (the edge closest to you) to meet the edge of the the sushi rice on the top edge. Be decisive, swift, let it flow, be confident!

-When the edges of the rice square meet, firmly press along the sushi mat and firm up the roll. If anything smooshed out, see if you can save the roll at this step!

-Roll back the sushi rolling mat a little bit and complete the roll. LIGHTLY wet the edge of the nori sheet that doesn’t have rice if it doesn’t seal to the roll. Firm up the final roll with the sushi rolling mat

-Line up the rolls in a pan and don’t slice them until you’re finished will all the rolls. Keep rolling till you run out of rice and/or ingredients. Any extra ingredients/rice can go into a veggie fried rice.

-You should be able to get 7-9 pieces out of each roll. Cut slowly and with a serrated knife.

-Place your BEST sushi ARTFULLY on 3 large round trays