lightguy2Our work exchange program is a great experience! During retreats, it’s fun, exciting, and you’ll meet great people from all over the world. You’ll meet a whole new set of lifelong friends. The retreats are a transformational experience with a lot of magical experiences for everyone. You are welcome to sit in on the sharing sessions and be part of it all.

Between retreats it is just you and a few people, very restful. When no retreats are happening, no pressure! Some preparation in the kitchen is done for the next retreat, gardening, changing out rooms, painting stencils on the walls, and other non-time sensitive work. Use this time for writing, relaxing, hanging out, and self introspection. Then we kick it into high gear again during the retreats!

Work exchange commitment is a minimum of 2 months. On your tourist visa you can stay as long as 3 months in Ecuador.  If you want to stay longer, you can apply for a visa extension and stay for a total of 6-9 months per year in Ecuador. For more information, Passport and Entry.

A $200 deposit is required to volunteer at Gaia Sagrada which is returned to you upon your departure. We give you $200 back when you depart as long as all your hours are done and no money is owed for ceremonies. We will send you an invoice for the $200 deposit upon acceptance of your application for a work exchange position. This must be paid 60 days before you come for work exchange. If you cancel less than 30 days before your volunteer position is scheduled to start, the $200 is not returned. If you do not complete your hours, $5 is charged for every hour not worked upon your departure and the balance is returned.

We do this to insure that people who get a work exchange position show up and that all commitments are finished before departure. We have found that people slack off on their hours when they know they are leaving soon, and we also have found that if there is not a financial commitment, sometimes volunteers “blow it off” and might not show up, which leaves us in a difficult position of being short handed if all volunteer positions are not filled.

Duties include:
Cooking during retreats
Kitchen cleanup and food prep
Keeping the center neat and clean
Starting campfires, sauna fire and woodstove fires
Gardening, spa, helping guests
Helping during shamanic ceremonies
Facilitate a yoga class during retreats if you want to put hours in that way

What you get:
Dormitory housing
Food during retreats (buy and cook your own food between retreats)
Spa: hot tubs and sauna
Use of community center and grounds
Living in a beautiful country setting in the Andes

Let’s Get To Know Each Other

First 2 weeks is a trial period in which either party, you or Gaia Sagrada, can nullify the agreement and part ways. If it doesn’t work out for you here, you can leave, or if there are problems, we reserve the right to ask you to leave, so be nice to everyone!

We are looking for people who get along with others, don’t create drama, and are helpful and supportive to Gaia Sagrada’s vision. These retreats create a true family atmosphere where everyone feels supported, safe and nurtured. If you have a good heart, a good attitude and some humor, you’ll fit right in!