Why Doesn’t Gaia Sagrada offer One Night Ceremonies?

We have found that it takes a few ceremonies for people to get the true benefit of the medicines. The first Ayahuasca ceremony is usually more about purging and cleansing than big visions and otherworldly experiences. If you only come for one ceremony, you will most likely be disappointed. It takes more than one ceremony to reach the states that are often described on the internet. Rarely is it very much to talk about the first time.

Ayahuasca works on the physical levels first, removing darkness or illness from your system, even if you are fairly healthy. Ayahuasca prepares you first before giving you the beautiful visions you want.

We suggest that you do NOT read or listen to other people’s experiences, because Ayahuasca gives each individual what they need. It will not be the same from one person to the next. There is no rhyme or reason as to how Ayahuasca works on any given individual.

Can I come for just one or two ceremonies during a retreat?

The reason we cannot let people come as a drop in during a retreat is that it is uncomfortable for the group if a stranger comes and goes while they are in the process of a deep transformation together. The group gets really close and becomes a family. The work is delicate for the heart. They feel vulnerable if someone drops in. It’s like having a stranger at a family gathering, crashing the party so to speak.

We have to honor the process of people who have come for a deep healing or a peak spiritual enlightenment experience. We protect the retreat space so everyone feels safe in opening up if they choose to with the group. It is important that  very one knows each other.

You can come for 7 days of the 12 day retreat

You are welcome to sign up for the first 7 days of a 12 day retreat but there isn’t a discount since the spots are always filled. It is LEss expensive than any other retreat available, even  the 7 day retreats you will find in Peru! If you come for the first 6-7 days, you will get 3 ceremonies. That is the shortest retreat we can give you, and 3 ceremonies will give you a deep experience.

This is truly an amazing adventure in consciousness and healing, so we hope you can make time to do a 12 day retreat someday if you cannot do it now!