Staff Positions at Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center

Have you ever wanted to have a fun and unusual job at a retreat center? This is your chance! It doesn’t pay a lot, but it will be the experience of a lifetime! Work side by side with Christine Breese, founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences and Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center. The jobs are fairly open and flexible, and you would wear more than one hat. It would depend on what is needed at any given time. If you can cook (don’t worry, we have recipes and the cooking is simple), teach yoga (not required), and enjoy working with people on vacation, then this job is for you! Experience is not required, just a great attitude!

The kind of retreats Gaia Sagrada offers at this time are Ayahuasca and San Pedro shamanic medicine ceremony retreats with Ecuadorian shamans. It is quite interesting. Gaia Sagrada has grown to the point that we are fully booked as much as two to three months in advance now. It is probably because our prices are so low, lower than any other retreat center of this type in South America, as we operate at expenses level only and don’t do this for profit.

Time Commitment

If you are interested in being on staff at Gaia Sagrada, you must first come for two months in a volunteer position so we have time to get to know you, see your work and also so you can make sure this works for you as well. We have to make sure this is a good fit for both parties first. Volunteering at Gaia Sagrada. We always choose staff from those who come and do work exchange first. Being in a volunteer position is basically your job interview process!

To be in a staff position, you must commit for 6 months to being here in Ecuador at Gaia Sagrada. The two months in a volunteer position must come first, and then a 6 month commitment to a staff position. There is no back pay for the two months of volunteer work exchange. You would be paid for the remaining 6 months if you stay on as a staff member. To get the 6 month visa extension (which gives you a total of 9 months in Ecuador) you will need to have at least a savings of $2500 in your bank account or a monthly income that the Ecuadorian government can see and have a printout of.

It is possible to get a visa extension through the Ecuadorian consulate nearest you before you come, or from immigration once you are here. The usual documents they want are a copy of your passport and a 3 month printout of your bank account showing that you have $2500 or evidence of a monthly income of about $1000 per month. With that, you can get the opportunity to stay in Ecuador for up to 9 months per year. Ecuador wants to make sure you won’t become a liability for them and run out of money before you return home.

Between retreats you can take a few days to travel a little and do other things in Ecuador if you like, but it is always important that you are here during retreats and a few days before and after the retreats.

The Work

The work entails cooking simple vegetarian meals for 25-30 people (no certification required in Ecuador), gardening if we need to plant some plants, being the go-to person for guests who need this or that, and giving the work exchange crew directions. If you are comfortable with it, you can lead workshops and activities for the retreat participants. If you teach yoga, this can be part of your hours as well.

You won’t be bored, and you wouldn’t feel like you are working, really! The work isn’t hard at all. It is a resort and vacation type of thing, so you will be working with people who are in a great space.

What’s more, you will be helping people with a truly transformational and life changing experience which is amazing to watch. The transformations people go through in two weeks are incredible!

What you get for 40 hours of work per week

  • Shared room with another retreat participant, work exchange volunteer, or staff person. Sometimes, if you are with a retreat participant during retreats, you end up with the room to yourself between retreats. In the meantime, we are working on creating a house just for staff, but we don’t know when that will be ready yet.
  • Food during retreats and between retreats. The food between retreats is more basic and you make it yourself and hours are not counted for food prep or dishes clean up between retreats. Everyone helps themselves. If you want special things you would need to buy them yourself,  but food is not expensive. We provide the staples and regular produce.
  • $150 stipend, which is more than enough spending money for a few nights out on the town, toiletries, transportation to the city, etc. Ecuador is very affordable.
  • Free wifi
  • Use of hot tubs and sauna
  • 55 acres to hike on (and soon we are adding another 33.5 acres, attaining the land next door)
  • Discounts for shamanic ceremonies if you are interested ($95 per ceremony)
  • Free participation in workshops and sharing sessions during retreats
  • Free yoga classes if we have yoga at the time you’re here
  • Rest in between retreats, it’s not so busy during down times at Gaia Sagrada, no pressure, and it’s peaceful and quiet
  • Love! Be part of a really incredible family and team at Gaia Sagrada!

If you are interested, fill out both our Volunteer Form and mention that you are interested in the staff positions at Gaia Sagrada.

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