Self Isolation Required At Beginning Of Your Stay

Self isolation for 2 weeks is required at the beginning of your stay so we suggest you come for at least 2 months or more. While some might groan at the idea of self isolating for the first two weeks, it is the only way we can be absolutely certain everyone is safe from the coronavirus pandemic that is happening in the world.

During your self isolation, you will have your own room with a bath, no matter what housing choice you have selected, so at least your space will be a very nice space to be in! You will need to be in your room most of the time, but you can take walks  in the countryside as long as you wear a mask and stay away from others while you are exercising.

We have a specific place where you can be on the internet for 1/2 hour per day at the community center (there is no internet in the rooms). We suggest you download a bunch of movies onto your laptop so you have some entertainment in your room!

Instead of thinking of this as a chore, think of it instead as a personal retreat from people, distractions, stress, and use this as if it is a 2 week silent vipassana style retreat. Use this time to do some of your personal inner work, journal, make art, write your book, whatever it is that you haven’t had time for.

You will not be able to go to the yoga classes, hot tubs, dining area, or the community center during this time, so this is going to be a great time to simply rest and go within.

For some this self isolation at the beginning of your stay here is a deal breaker, but we have to do it this way to be absolutely sure that everyone who is hanging out with each other in a normal way with no social distancing or masks is safe. The whole idea is to provide a safe haven where everyone can have a sense of normalcy with each other. Please understand why this is necessary.

The time goes by fast anyway, so don’t worry! You will be fine! We will come and check on you periodically through the day and we can socialize with you from a distance for a litter while each day.

It will be worth it when you can hang out with everyone the way you did before this whole pandemic thing happened and you don’t have to see everyone in masks and staying far away from each other! We promise, it will be worth it!