Here is a picture of Raja, a beautiful, unique and loving dog. He is healthy, strong and loves to play. He loves people, loves other dogs, and he is an excellent guardian dog. No one will be able to mess with him if he is protecting you! He is only a year old, will do anything you want him to do for a treat, even take a bath!


We are giving him for free to a good home, because we have too many dogs and he is the youngest to join our family, so we feel he has the best chance of getting adopted because he is still young. We love him a lot and don’t want to let him go, but we just have too many dogs now!

Do you want a loving companion who will love you up and look at you with adoration all the time? Want a good guard dog? We want to make sure he goes to a good home, he deserves it, and so do you!

Fixed, shots. Email or call 0998643857 or 0986696468