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Medical Guidelines for Ayahuasca Ceremonies & San Pedro Ceremonies

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fruitsAyahuasca & San Pedro Medical Guidelines

Ayahuasca is combined with an MAO enzyme to give the effects  that you experience in ceremony. MAOI’s are MAO-inhibitors, and they interfere with the absorption of the plant medicine in your system. You do not want to combine Ayahuasca or San Pedro with MAOI’s because the results can be detrimental, causing high blood pressure, headaches, nausea and extreme issues. Serotonin syndrome can be dangerous and even deadly.

This is why it is required that you follow the special cleansing shamanic diet which is observed in the days and hours before ceremony, as your body needs to be clean and ready for this journey in consciousness. Your body should be in a natural state for safe experiences with Ayahuasca or San Pedro.

Please take this warning seriously, because any recreational or pharmaceutical drug, and even specific herbs, can be dangerous or deadly in combination with Ayahuasca or San Pedro.

If not causing death, certain pharmaceuticals or recreational drugs can cause high blood pressure, possible aneurisms, respiratory problems, or other  health consequences. Please heed this warning and do not participate in Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremonies if you are using any pharmaceutical or herb within five days of taking Ayahuasca or San Pedro. People have damaged themselves severely, by combining recreational drugs or pharmaceutical drugs with Ayahuasca or San Pedro.

Do NOT take the  following substances for at least 3 days before an Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony:

  • All pharmaceuticals, except those needed for high blood pressure, heart issues, and diabetes
  • Recreational drugs like cocaine, meth, speed (amphetamines), crack, XTC (Ecstasy, MDMA)
  • Alcohol
  • Cough medicine
  • Sleeping pills
  • Allergy medicine
  • Antidepressants containing SSRI’s, or Selective Serotonin  Reuptake Inhibitors
  • Antipsychotics
  • Barbiturates
  • Appetite suppressants
  • High blood pressure medicine
  • Respiratory medicines for asthma, antihistamines, cold  medicine or respiratory medicines of all sorts
  • Opiates
  • Marijuana
  • If you take SSRI’s or MAO-inhibitors, these specifically work against the processes of plant medicines and will not contribute to a pleasant experience with  Ayahuasca or San Pedro.

Don’t take ANYTHING for three days, including herbs and even vitamins. It is better to just avoid everything that is not a fruit or a vegetable for three days and just go completely natural in your energy before Ayahuasca ceremony.

We require that you NEVER enter Ayahuasca Ceremony or San Pedro Ceremony combined with any recreational substance, pharmaceutical drugs, nor health herbal formulations that can affect the physical body in any way, including seemingly non-impacting vitamins or herbs. It is just better to be safe and let go of everything.

All that is being required is three days before the start of Shamanic Ceremonies you go all natural and have your body in its unadulterated state so you can truly connect with these plant medicine spiritual experiences. Ayahuasca and San Pedro must be used alone, by  themselves, and never combined with other medicines, stimulants or  depressants. There shouldn’t be any  chemical altering of your body or brain even if seemingly for something minor.

The truth is, no documentation or scientific study has been done to examine any substance in combination with Ayahuasca or San Pedro, so no one really knows what would be safe. Therefore, it is safe to say that abstaining from everything for the three days before the ceremony would be the best avenue. That includes your normal medications as well. (Always consult with your doctor about this.)


After you return home from the Ayahuasca ceremony,  check with your doctor before stopping your medications. We are not doctors and cannot advise you one way or another, so technically you must re-start your medications and treatments upon returning home. ONLY stop if your doctor tells you to.

It is important that you take a break from your treatments and medicines before partaking in Ayahuasca and San Pedro Ceremonies so as not to mix things that shouldn’t mix with plant medicines However, please do  not leave  Western medical treatments altogether and replace them with Ceremony if Western medicine is something you have been using for your healing. After the Ayahuasca and San Pedro Ceremonies, technically you should resume your western medicine protocol.

Do NOT quit your medications and treatments
without checking with your doctor first.

Disclaimer Note: Never replace  regular western medicines or treatments with Ayahuasca ceremony. Although considered a healing  plant medicine, Ayahuasca is not a substitute for western medicine. If anything, Ayahuasca is complimentary to whatever treatments you are currently taking. The only time you should take off from any Western medicine is for 3 – 7 days before the ceremony, not to exceed 7 days before  ceremony. It depends on what your doctor advises is a safe time limit for you to be off the medicine, depending on what the medication is for. We suggest you ask your doctor how long you can safely be without the medicine or treatment before you begin the process. Follow your doctor’s advice.

Get Tests So You Can Know For Sure

Yes, miraculous healings with Ayahuasca and San Pedro Ceremonies are  known to happen a lot, but you must verify with science that the healing you were looking for has truly happened before you stop your medicines and treatments. We encourage you to get thorough testing done before letting go of western medicine. Get test results to  determine that you are healed if you think that you are healed.

It would be great if there were more documented healings on record in the world due to Ayahuasca medicine, so   disbelievers can have  science to look at. If you experience a miraculous healing of some sort or another, either physical, emotional or mental, document it with tests and science if you can.


Make sure you bring your  necessary items with you, keep them handy. You are required to let staff know ahead of time so we can make sure  you are safe and we know what is going on if you have any disorientation or forget your protocol. Staff is absolutely required to know that you are a diabetic and might need special care so mention that you are diabetic or have other medical issues on your reservation form. We want to make sure we are there for you if you need staff assistance. Don’t worry, we will have things like orange juice and snacks for you if you need them.

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