Attending Retreats at Gaia Sagrada

5% Discount on Retreats and Workshops

If you become a resident of Gaia Sagrada and you want to participate in a retreat or workshop you’ll receive a 5% discount on any retreat you would like to participate in. You’ll get the royal treatment all participants get too!

That means we fan you and feed you grapes while catering to your every need, making you feel like royalty, tuck you in at night, and we’ll act as if you’re always right even if you’re not, at least until the retreat is over!

Don’t feel obligated, though. We are not expecting it or pressuring you into it. Truly! We know that a lot of people simply want to live inexpensively in the magical Andes mountains of Ecuador, and it isn’t about doing the workshops.

Some of you are on a cleansing mission and others want to sit on a mountain and paint a masterpiece. Some of you just want to live quietly, sleep late, hang out at campfires with your buddies, read your emails, stare at a flower, do a walk everyday, maybe even an occasional day trip to the city. Some just want to take it easy.

Here, you can rest, take care of yourself, and be creative for a price you can afford. You don’t have to do retreats in order to have the retreat experience here. So don’t feel obligated to participate if you don’t want to, we’re cool with that! If you want to, though, you get a 5% discount just because you’re special!