Residency FAQ’s

Can I just stay for 1 or 2 nights to see if I like it? Or come for a day visit?

Yes, we have a four night minimum. Come between retreats, as housing is limited. Look at our retreat dates schedule so you will know when you can come. You are welcome to explore or just relax. We do not allow day visits, as it disrupts our routines and takes up time and energy. If you are truly interested, stay four nights or more between retreats.

If you REALLY want to know what we are about, sign up for a retreat and then you will really see what Gaia Sagrada is like in action. It’s very quiet and a little boring (yes!) between retreats and there aren’t many people to talk to. You will be on your own.

How many people can sleep at Gaia Sagrada? How many people will be renting?

Gaia Sagrada sleeps 40-50 people if you count dormitories and all spaces are taken by those on retreats, so we cannot provide a monthly rental situation at this time. Right now we are working on building more housing so people who don’t want to build, just want to rent a room or even a cabin can do so, but we are not quite to that point yet. You can also look at the Build it Forward program if you are interested in building something here.


At this time we cannot facilitate children. We may in the future, so check back to see if we are ready. It will be quite a while.

Can I have visitors?

Visitors cannot come for free. This ends up getting abused, so we have had to limit that.

Your visitor can only come between retreats, NOT during retreats. Retreats are very private and it is important that we preserve the energy of the retreat and not have spectators or strangers appear. The group becomes very close and vulnerable with each other, so strangers cannot visit during this time.

Your visitor must pay the $25 daily use rate if not staying overnight, which includes food. If your friend pays the nightly rate and $15 per day for food, the spa and use of the center and internet are included.

If you are in the build it forward program, we must limit how often a visitor can stay, as it is a rental, but yes, you can have visitors. If your visitor wants to stay more than one night per month, sleeping at your house, please make arrangements with Gaia Sagrada. We can negotiate on an individual basis. Don’t worry, we won’t price gouge! We just want to cover the expenses of having your visitor here for an extended stay.

Clothing at the hot tubs? 

A bathing suit or T-shirt and shorts are required in the sauna/hot tub complex. Bring a bathrobe for your walk back to your room. Flip flops or sandals are a good idea too.

What Does Rent Include?

Rent and utilities includes: community center when no meetings or events, shared kitchen for cooking your own meals, use of gardens, internet, water, electric, gas, trash removal, maintenance & repairs, 50 acres for hiking, reservoirs, patios, campfires, woodstove, yoga room, all grounds.

Can I work off the rental fees and utilities?

No. We are just meeting expenses. We cannot carry people financially no matter what their skills. IF you want to be a volunteer, the commitment must be for 2 months.

Can I sublet my room?


Do you get good cell phone signal at the property?

Yes. Both Claro and Movi get great signal at the property. If you use a Claro or Movi modem chip to get internet on your computer in your room, there is ample signal. It is unlikely your USA or other foreign phone will work in Ecuador, and if it does it will cost a lot. It is better to buy a cheap phone in Ecuador and buy minutes as you need them.

More Questions? Just ask!  

Email us at if you have questions we didn’t answer here!