Paradigm Shift with Joy | Gaia Sagrada

We get asked sometimes by people seeking a survival place to weather world changes if they get extremely out of control what our focus is. Do we have underground bunkers? Are we armed to the gills and ready to kill? Do we have a ham radio, faraday cages for electronics, and secret tunnels if we need to escape anywhere? The answer is no to all those questions.
Sure we store some food but not nearly enough if there is a problem, so you are welcome to store your own food, but other than that, we are not trying to prepare for an extinction level event. If it’s that bad, it’s time to move on! We are friends with the Ecuadorian farming community around us and we have a working relationship with them. We see everyone working together if a situation arises.

We are also continually working to create off the grid systems as we get alternative energy methods going, like passive solar hot water and heat, solar ovens, refrigeration without power, etc. We are also teaching these methods to the local Ecuadorians here. As for farming, well, that’s a must!

We don’t think there will be much trouble in Ecuador, though, for what it’s worth, and we’re not focused on how the world seems to be going crazy, even though we are quite well aware that it is. We are here to be the love, joy, and peace that the world so desperately needs. It’s a choice to focus on what is positive instead of what is negative.

We ask everyone to please not get crazy in conversations about poly (many) tics (ticks) and conspiracies. Yes, they are there, but not everyone wants to hear every night about how the world is going to end any moment and how this leader or that leader might be an alien or part of the Bilderberg group. Sure, watch the conspiracy videos if that helps you keep your thumb on what’s going on in the outside world, but try not to focus on the negativity in a morbid way. That is like rubber-necking at a terrible accident as you drive by, looking for blood and gore. Resist the urge for morbidity!

Instead, focus more on the beautiful place you are living in, here and now, and thank your lucky stars that you get to live so cheap in a safe place to weather a storm if it comes. Not everyone gets to live in a sustainable eco-community with good folks and a friendly Ecuadorian farming community all around. Be in a state of gratitude rather than indulging in the negativity of bad world events. Don’t let your consciousness be hijacked into a negative state of mind and emotion.

Humanity is heading for a big change, we all know that, it’s not a mystery. Do your part to bring in the beautiful future by embracing it fully. We are here to celebrate a change for the better and provide a space for good things to come while staying out of the way of trouble if there is any. If there is trouble, we hope WE are the ones making it, in a good way of course!

Some people say they want to be part of this once the crapola hits the fan and the party’s over in the city. Some don’t want to come before that because they are just having too good a time hanging out at all the restaurants and parties, a big social scene every day. We respect everyone’s choices! Please be advised, though, that we will not be taking anyone in who has not contributed to what we are creating here if things suddenly get crazy. Our doors will be closed.

If you have a creative idea on how you can be part of this and reserve a space, yet not live here right now, feel free to send us your offer. We are open to creative ideas, of course. We know some of you just LOVE the city, but remember, you can still live here and get your city in doses whenever you want with a simple $0.90 bus ride!

In conclusion, we are here to create a beautiful reality, and peace in the world starts with each of us as individuals. We plan to experience world changes and paradigm shifts, if anything like that should happen, with a great attitude and happiness. If nothing crazy happens, great! All the better. It’s still a beautiful place to live!