Our Offer

Build It Forward And Get Double Your Money’s Worth of Rent Credit

So here’s our offer:

  • You can build it for really low rent paid forward at literally half the value it would be on the market; in other words, double the value for your money. For instance, if you pay $600 per month to live somewhere, in 5 years you will have paid $36,000! If you pay $300 per month for something worth $600 for 5 years, with this deal you will only pay $18,000, HALF the price! The reason you would get it so cheap is because you pay it all at once instead of month to month.
  • The rent would be $300 per month up to $15,000 spent ($350 per month for a couple, just add $50 per person who lives in the house, if a third person it would be $400 per month), a third to half the value price, on a safe, huge hacienda on 55 acres in the countryside of Cuenca. If you build a bigger house, it could go up to $400 per month rent.

It takes about 3 – 4 months to build a small 2 floor house, with 2 bedrooms upstairs and a living space downstairs. It costs about $10,000 if you keep it simple, up to $15,000 if you make it fancy. This equals 3 – 4 ½ years in rent, depending on how much you spend. If you want to spend more, you can lock the rent price in at half it’s market value for even more years!

  • $10,000 to build small house equals $300/mo rent for 3 years (33 months, but we’ll throw in 3 months free to make it an even 3 years; which actually makes your rent $277.78/mo).
  • $15,000 to build small house equals $300/mo rent credit for 4 ½ years (50 months, but we’ll throw in 4 months free to make it an even 4 ½  years; which actually makes your rent $277.78/mo).
  • $20,000 to build a medium house equals $350/mo rent credit for 5 years (57 months, but we’ll throw in 3 months free to make it an even 5 years; which actually makes your rent $333.34/mo)
  • $25,000 to build a larger house equals $400/mo rent credit for 5 years (62.5 months, but we’ll throw in 3.5 months free to make it an even 5 ½ years, which makes your rent $378.79/mo)

Note: These prices are for one person living in the house. If there are more people living in the house, $50/mo extra per person for rent since they do have an additional impact on the community, facilities and wear and tear on the house.

Also, these prices do not cover utilities, which will be approximately $75 to $100 per month depending on your electric and gas usage, subject to change as market values rise for utilities over the years.

This does not cover prices for community center usage if you plan to hold retreats, usage of community gardens, or usage of spa; these are additional fees and will vary as time goes on and prices of energy and fuel rise.

The prices listed above only apply to rent fees of the house itself. You must still pay your utilities every month and any community center fees that you choose to participate in, like the spa usage, specific retreats you are interested in, etc.

Your Creative Input:

It is important that you stick to the fairly basic and simple house plans so you don’t go over budget, or we are able to offer you some house plans so you can make sure your design won’t go over budget. You can be creative!

You can pick out the colors, the tiles, (as long as it’s not too wild!), and make some choices on where you want things to be in the house, like closets, plugs, light switches, etc. If you want to get creative, you can customize your house quite a bit! We will work together to create a little paradise for you that you can live in comfortably.

Live Simply, no McMansions!

We ask those who wish to live here to build simply and not display extravagance. We live among people in the country who do not have the means to live luxuriously, so we like to keep things humble.

Everything here is modern, functional, and very comfortable, and the buildings are beautiful, solid, and very nice! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy architecture to feel like you live in heaven! Make it beautiful, but without financial displays.

Size of the House

The house cannot be spread out on one floor. It must be two floors, with the bedrooms upstairs. You would also have a full bathroom upstairs with your shower and a social bathroom downstairs. We use a small footprint for the house, so that it doesn’t take up too much natural space.

For people who have difficulty with stairs, or have disabilities, this won’t work, unless you are willing to live in a fairly small house on one floor, like a one bedroom cabin. That is acceptable, of course, and won’t cost a lot, probably even less than $10,000. Keep in mind though that someone with disabilities is going to find it difficult to get around on the land as well.