Optional Extras

Everyone has different needs, so for those who need more, there are additional items to pay for. If you want some extra things, here’s the list. Some are even free if you want them!

  • Meals: $15/day all you can eat, or $5 per meal if you are not here as a retreat participant on retreat days. Meals are not prepared between retreats, but you can cook for yourself with the food we have here, or join others who are preparing meals together!
  • Security Box (bring your own padlock): $7 /week. If renting your own private room, you don’t need this. These are more applicable to people who are on retreat sharing a room with others.
  • Heater for your Room: $50/month electric heater, $25/month gas heater (even if you bring your own, as the cost of fuel is high in the country). $20 per retreat.
  • Storage: free if only a small space, but if you need a lot of space, we’ll figure something out!

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