Role of Residents During Events

(Note: The retreats are using all housing so there are no space for non-retreat participants to be here on a monthly basis at this time. We are working on building more housing so we can open up this option again soon. Keep an eye on our site!)

When there are activities for the retreat participants in the community center, please respect the community central space during workshops and sessions at the center. That means quiet on the patios outside the center, the community building itself, and the general area. Please practice silence, no conversations, and keep it quiet during the meetings. During meetings, it might be a good time to enjoy a walk, or have the hot tubs all to yourself.

After meetings are over and before they begin you are welcome to use the community center areas as you normally do. Meetings are generally 2 hours long and most of the time there are only two meetings a day at the community center, morning, afternoon, or evening. Sometimes the group meets in another place like a gazebo, garden, or some nature spot. When that happens, the community center is all yours. Hours and locations of meetings will be announced so you know when and where everything is happening.

Meeting times:

  • mornings: 10 am – 12 noon (a good time for your morning exercise walk?)
  • afternoons: 1 – 3 or 2 – 4 pm (time to nap or play in the garden?)
  • evenings: 7 – 9 pm, unless it’s a shamanic ceremony which goes all night (sauna or hot tub?)

If you are really quiet and sneaky, you can go upstairs to the second floor of the community center while meetings are in progress and do yoga, but ONLY if you are super-duper quiet, like a teeny, weeny, little mouse. Actually you have to be even quieter than a little, teeny mouse. OK, you can probably get away with a really super, duper, quiet whisper and no one will hear it downstairs, but if you do not possess these magical superpowers of quietness, please wait until the meeting is over and occupy yourself with some other activity. If you sound like a herd of cows walking across a wooden floor, this option is not for you!