We don’t have any preference what a person’s spirituality is. All are welcome, as long as you don’t practice harm to others or yourself. You are not required to meditate or tie yourself up in a pretzel in yoga classes, you don’t have to wear an orange outfit and kiss some guru’s feet, and you don’t have to say 20 Hail Mary’s every day, either! Just be yourself, have fun, be cool, don’t be nasty to anyone, and you’re in.

We follow the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. That’s a concept crossing all religions, and that’s good enough for us! If you find that staring at your left toe for nine hours a day really makes you enlightened though, please share with us your technique!

We ask everyone to please respect the spirituality and beliefs of others. Try your best not to tell off color jokes at the campfire, swear like a trucker, or get into heated debates about spirituality or religion and how it’s all wrong, or right, whichever. Please stay cool about someone else’s religion, or lack thereof for some, and live and let live. Everyone is welcome here. Just be here now and enjoy!