Build it Forward: Sustainable Living Program

Gaia Sagrada is moving into the second phase, creating the sustainable community aspect of the project. Infrastructure is in place now and everything is ready for expanding into the community aspect. We’re finally ready!

Ecuador is a wonderful place to relocate to, residency is fairly easy to gain, and the climate is absolutely wonderful! Where Gaia Sagrada is, it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold! Here are some questions many have asked themselves when looking at relocating, or moving out of the city, in Ecuador:

  • Have you wanted to live in the beautiful Andes Mountains in a place you could call your own?
  • If you don’t have the money to buy land, have you wished at least you could rent a safe place in the countryside right outside Cuenca, where all your things will be when you get back?
  • Have you wanted to live with others who love nature, gardening, the outdoors, and living outside the city?
  • Do you wish you were looking at sunsets, enjoying forests and looking at big mountain views in every direction?
  • Do you want to live where you listen to crickets at night, gaze at fireflies, moonlight and stars, and wake up to mists in the valleys, sunlight sparkling on the grass and birds singing you awake?
  • How many opportunities are there for a price you can afford, if there are any opportunities like this at all?

Now is your opportunity!

We can’t sell pieces of land or we would forfeit a percentage of the land to the local governing municipal if we subdivide. However, we could rent houses… if we had them!

The going rate for a house in the country in a safe place is about $700 – 1000 and even more. We just saw three tiny one room studio cabins only big enough for a bed, mini kitchen, table and 2 chairs rent for $900 recently! If you get lucky, you might find something small around $500-$600 in the country. However, safe situations are far and few between.

Gaia Sagrada offers a safe solution where you can have your own space in a beautiful natural setting and be sure all your things will be here when you get back home. Here you can be assured of safety for yourself and your belongings. Foreigners who live out in the country on their own are often robbed. Here we are protected not only by numbers, but also by the fact that the community loves us and we provide jobs for them! It is a win win situation for everyone. We help the community, they keep us safe.

You probably have a few questions, so take a look at ourBuild it Forward FAQpage

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