Alcohol & Drugs

Keep it mellow, no crazy stuff.

Have a couple glasses of wine or a couple beers at the campfire when no retreats are going on, but no drunkenness is tolerated. Illegal drugs are not allowed. No drinking can happen during retreats or it would be grounds for dismissal.

Some of the retreat participants might be envious if they are here for a cleansing, a raw food retreat, or a shamanic ceremony requiring the shamanic dieta. Many retreat participants come to deal with addictions, including alcoholism, and we are here to support them. That means no alcohol can be around the center during retreats and a few days before and after. It’s a very short window of time that you can have drinks.

When retreats are not going on, rules are more lax, but if you start shouting in the middle of the night at the top of your lungs about purple elephants, we are definitely going to give you the boot!

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