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  • Do you want to live someplace peaceful and safe?
  • Want to get out of the danger zones?
  • Looking for a place to simply relax for a while?
  • Need a place to get away from the rat race?
  • Want to relocate to another country where food grows all year, water is plentiful and the air is clean and pure?
  • Looking for someplace outside of the crossfire of a world gone mad?

Look no further! You have arrived!

Many are seeing the decline of their homeland, and want to leave before it’s too late. Gaia Sagrada Eco-Community & Retreat Center is here to help meet that need. We have been hard at work building a getaway spot at a high elevation, away from coasts, cities, and pollution.

We have created a place where people can retreat from the crazy world for a while, and return later when things settle down. You are invited to watch the world go through its changes from a safe vantage point. This is your chance to relocate for a price you can afford. Night, Week & Monthly Prices

Cuenca, Ecuador – Andes Mountains

Gaia Sagrada is a hidden gem in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador near the highly praised town of Cuenca. Ecuador is no third world country. It is first world with cell phones, internet, malls, banks, and shiny cars! It isn’t what you might think! Sure, you can go to the jungle and find shamans in their loincloths, but at the same time Cuenca has a very first world aspect where it looks a lot like the USA or Europe.

Ecuador is one of the safest places in the world to weather changes. The climate is gentle, food grows all year, water is plentiful. There are few places in the world like Ecuador!

  • Lush and green all year round
  • Never too hot or too cold
  • Surrounded by farmers and people who live off the grid
  • We are friends with all our country neighbors and work together with them, support all around us
  • Plenty of water
  • In process of getting off grid with passive solar hot water and more!

Be here for as little as $150 per month!

This is your opportunity for a price you can afford. We encourage you to come check it out for a month, see what you think! No obligation.

Live here in a dorm, private room or apartment, use the facilities and grounds, hike all over 55 acres (as well as the country roads off property). Rent and utilities are as little as $150 per month. If you want a shared room, $185/mo, private room as low as $250/month, although not many private rooms available, book very early for private rooms.

Open Mindedness Required

Keep in mind that at Gaia Sagrada offer retreats and hosts groups with many different belief systems, from Ecuadorian shamans offering traditional and ancient Ayahuasca ceremonies to yoga and meditation, to spiritual groups offering different spiritual paths. We are open to all, and exclusive to none. We are simply here to facilitate.

You are not obligated to participate in any of the retreats, and they cost a little extra if you want to participate, but we do ask everyone to have respect for the spiritual paths of others. Please be open minded, never pushing ones own beliefs on anyone, and never belittling another’s beliefs. Live and let live!

What Does Food Cost?

With food costs, it is another $200-300 per month, so you could live for as little as $500-600 per month, complete. If you grow your own garden or participate in the community gardens, you could make it even cheaper.  community center

How Long Can I Stay?

You can rent for 6 months per year without special requirements from Ecuador, or you can gain residency and stay in Ecuador forever! There are also some other ways to stay in Ecuador for all but three weeks of the year with extensions of your visa. No vaccinations or shots are required. Just your passport!

Build it Forward 

If you want even more private space around you, you can Build It Forward and in 3-6 months you could end up with your own small 2 bedroom house to rent at Gaia Sagrada. How it works is that you pay your rent forward, $300 per month for 4-5 years, and then you get to live in your own house at Gaia Sagrada. This amount is half the market value for renting a house in the country at a private hacienda in Ecuador!