All participants are expected to know the rules of the ceremonies and proper conduct at Gaia Sagrada. Before participating in ceremonies, all participants must sign the Gaia Sagrada Participant Agreement.

This agreement is to ensure that we can take care of our participants during ceremonies in a good way, keep everyone safe, and also keep the group from getting carried away with negative energy if one participant or a few go into a negative space and start to draw everyone else in with them, which happens sometimes. It is important that you know what is expected of each participant and what to do if someone is not honoring this agreement in your group.

Gaia Sagrada Participant Agreement

We have learned from experience that all of these points in the agreement are important to have a safe, productive and beautiful retreat for every participant who is on the journey.

These are basic courtesies we are asking of each participant to agree to, and if everyone can go by these guidelines, everyone will have a great experience and a life changing moment in their lives!