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New Volcanic Rocks for San Pedro & Ayhuasca Ceremony in Sweatlodge

We got some new rocks! I know, that sounds pretty funny,  huh? Not a lot of people get so excited about rocks, but we do! Especially when they are new volcanic rocks for our San Pedro and Ayahuasca Ceremony in the Sweatlodge (Temezcal in Spanish). First we want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Csaba and Mika for their kind and generous donation toward this effort, as the cost of going and getting these rocks was a little bit daunting. It wasn’t cheap to rent trucks, taxis, pay drivers, hotels, etcetera, even though the rocks themselves were free for the taking at the land where it was near the volcano. If it wasn’t for Csaba and Mika, we couldn’t have done it! A BIG thank you to you two beautiful and lovely souls. Now we’re going to have an even hotter sweatlodge than ever, thanks to you! I’m sure all [...]

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Gaia Sagrada NOT Affected by Coastal Earthquake, We Are In Mountains

Digital Illustration of colorful Butterflies Some people have asked if we are affected by the earthquake that happened in Ecuador. We are fine, nothing has been damaged, and it was just a small tremor here, nothing big. Cuenca is on granite so it is pretty stable and doesn't have the devastating earthquakes that some places in the world do. We researched the fault lines of Ecuador before deciding where to buy land and create the center, and for this reason decided not to have our center in any coastal areas. The southern end of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador is the safest area from earthquakes, and there are no fault lines or volcanoes here. Gaia Sagrada is safe and all retreats will go on as planned. The northern coast of Ecuador got hit pretty hard, though, so they could really use everyone's help. We gave already spent thousands of [...]

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Learning How to Wait Gracefully!

So what do you do when there is indecision? Wait! Learn how to wait gracefully. We cannot push the river. We can try, but we will find ourselves frustrated and with struggle if we try to push the timing of the powers that be in this universe ahead of what the timing is supposed to be. Sometimes our patience with the timing of things is a test, to see how much we will surrender to what is happening, or not happening. However, we can be alert and paying attention to the clues that are being shown to us, as the universe is always bringing a clue as to what’s next, even if that means waiting for a little while. Sometimes it is a challenge to simply pick something, especially if there are many choices before us. Sometimes people ask me how they can know they are making the right choice. [...]

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No Mosquitos or Zika virus here!

Some people have asked if they have to worry about the Zika virus and mosquitos that carry it. Don't worry! There is no Zika virus here in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, and no mosquitos either! That's the beauty of the mountains versus the jungles and coasts, you don't have to contend with diseases or the mosquitos that carry them. The only place where the Zika virus is happening is on the coast or in the jungles. If you are not travelling to either of these places, you don't have to worry! In Ecuador, there are no shots or vaccinations required for entry. You can ask your doctor about his or her recommendations if you are travelling to the jungles. It might be wise to do typical vaccinations for jungle tor coastal ravel if that is where you're going. If your journey only includes coming to Gaia Sagrada though, you're [...]

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Happy New Year! 2016

What a year! 2015 was one heck of a ride, wasn’t it? Did you feel the roller coaster ups and downs, or what? Seems like we are all growing in leaps and bounds all over the world. Hundreds and hundreds of people have passed through here in various roles, from volunteers to participants, and it has turned out to be a beautiful, healing path for so many. Lives were changed and transformations happened! Before we enter 2016, we want to look back at 2015 and say a big THANK YOU to everyone who was part of Gaia Sagrada in the past year. Without YOU it couldn’t have happened! A Big Thank You to All of YOU! Thank you to all who have come here and blessed us with your presence. It has been beautiful! You are all lovely in such unique and wonderful ways! We here at Gaia Sagrada hope all [...]

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We Are Stardust And To The Stars We Return by Christine Breese

Did you know that peanut butter and jelly sandwich you are eating is about 400 gazillion years old? It’s true! Believe it or not. Every cell, molecule and atom in your body is 400 gazillion years old, maybe more. In fact, everything in existence is gazillions of years old. (By the way, for all you mathematicians out there, I don’t know if gazillion is an actual numerical value. I just made that up.) Every particle in the universe is born from a supernova. There is not a single piece of matter in the entire universe that didn’t start off as a star. The elements are born when… […]

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Edith Lesley Foley’s Garden Art at Gaia Sagrada!

Edith Lesley Foley, what an amazing woman with a vivid imagination for gardens. This wonderful lady blessed us with her creations and left a piece of her beautiful heart here forever. Look at these amazing sacred spaces she created here at Gaia Sagrada. We are so very lucky! The Chakra Garden This first sacred space she created is the chakra garden. When I first saw the construction guys making the molds for these doors to the garden, I just couldn’t even imagine what she was building. I had no idea. She tried to explain it to me… […]

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Blood Moon Ayahuasca Ceremony, so Tranquil and Beautiful!

By Christine Breese There was the dreaded 4th blood moon that so many people were all freaked out about last night. The world was supposed to end, earthquakes, tsunamis, economic collapse, evil cabal, new world order taking over, something like that! There was a lot of projection on the blood moon by humans, the fourth in a series of four blood moons. It happens every thousand years or so and it means that big change is in the air whenever it happens. However, this change our world must go through doesn’t have to be bad, terrible or traumatic. Change in our world can be beautiful! We don’t have to do it the hard way if we don’t want to… […]

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Pray Like a Co-Creator, Not a Beggar

Ayahuasca Retreat Center Sometimes people ask, “How do I pray?” What I ask next is, “Who are you praying to? Really?” We have to look at what prayers really are. Most times we are asking for a “favor” from God, right? Please bring me the right spouse, the right job, a better car, good health, a better life, something. We are usually asking for a situation to be given to us that we don’t have. First let’s look at who God is. Is it a friendly fatherly figure high in the sky who is constantly listening to our prayers and passing out wishes? Is it some big spirit somewhere in space who blesses us with our requests and oversees the world and the universe? Who is God? Where is God? What is the God phenomenon? […]

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No Volcanoes Near Gaia Sagrada, We Are Fine!

Some people have emailed us and asked if the Cotopaxi volcano eruption in Ecuador is affecting us. NOPE! We are fine. We are extremely far away from all volcano activity. We are as far away as another country or state. The volcano is up in the far north and we are in the more southern part of Ecuador. We haven’t seen any dust. It has been fine here. We purposely chose a place that wouldn’t have problems with either earthquakes, tsunamis or volcanoes, nor would it ever be too hot or cold here. We never wanted to be anywhere where potential dangers could lurk. We even thought about how important it is to be at an elevation where there aren’t any… […]

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