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Water Prayer in Ayahuasca Ceremonies

by Christine Breese In ceremony, when we pray with gratitude for even the simplest things in life, like clean water for instance, we are all reminded how blessed our lives are. Our hearts open with gratitude, giving honor to the core of life, the water. We want to share this blessing with everyone. Many times we all take clean water for granted, even though it is at the core of our existence as physical beings. Without water there is no life. It’s simple, yet profound if you really think about it. When we realize our dependency on water, we realize the miracle that our lives really are. None of us would be here, not even an animal or a plant, if this was a desert planet with no water. Water is the key to physical life. […]

By | July 13th, 2015|Gaia News|1 Comment

Let’s buy THE LAND next door to Gaia Sagrada!

Help us buy the 24 acres next door to Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center in Ecuador! We asked the owner for one month to come up with the money. This is too good an opportunity to miss! We can do a downpayment of $100,000 and pay $10,000 per month, all of us together! IF 10 OF US GET TOGETHER ON THIS, IT WOULD WORK! The price is now $430,000 and it’s the right price, a more than fair price for Ecuadorian land with developments on it. […]

By | March 11th, 2015|Gaia News|5 Comments

Starship Gaia Sagrada: Meet the Command Team on the Bridge!

Here’s some great news. All this time at Gaia Sagrada a few of us have been doing our best to keep up with everything that needs to be done, but it’s been quite the challenge. Gaia Sagrada is bigger than we can do without more help. We were trying to keep it kinda casual, but there just isn’t enough time in a day to wear so many hats for just a few people. We needed someone to manage the volunteer team, someone to take over the grounds, and another to run the kitchen. Those are our three main departments, and we were getting worn a little thin trying to run them all. Help is here at last! We were getting a little too tired with only a skeleton crew doing the millions of things that have to be done to make an Ayahuasca retreat center run smoothly. We managed to pull it off, but finally, as we go into 2015, we realize we do need to sleep sometimes! So let me introduce you to some of the new helping angels who are here now, taking command of the Starship Gaia Sagrada, and assisting you with your journey into the final frontier, which is YOU! […]

By | January 31st, 2015|Gaia News|2 Comments

Great Start to the New Year!

I have to say the January 10-21 group who just came through here was so wonderful we are still missing them! What a great sign they are for the energy that is going to come through here in 2015. We had an awesome January group last year, and an awesome January group this year. It is always refreshing when it is a really “together” group with huge transformations comes through. There were quite a few big transformations in this group, and quantum leaps were taken. Thank you lovely January group for all your beautiful work together and for letting us witness your transformations, each and every one of you! You remind us of the great luck we have to be witnessing this beautiful work in the world! Thank you for all your respect for the shamans and their traditions, and being such a beautiful example of… […]

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FARM FOR SALE – Right next to Gaia Sagrada

10 Hectares, (24 acres) with all utilities, located right next to Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center! (near Cuenca, Ecuador) $430,000 or make an offer. Seller contact info below. Intentional Community for UMS and Gaia Sagrada Friends? The land next door to us at Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador has come up for sale. It was a rose farm, but a hailstorm destroyed the plants, and all the greenhouses need plastic roofs replaced if it is to continue as an agricultural complex. It has a great house to live in, a refrigerated room, all utilities, river rights, potable water, electric, internet access, many greenhouses, and great views, so if you were ever thinking you would like to live close to Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador, this is your chance! System integrated irrigation. Reservoir of 1,500 cubic meters with new geo membrane. Rights of irrigation water. Drinking water. Water purification plant. Industrial installations. Green space for recreation. Dwelling House & Cold Room Maybe if a few people come together who want to build houses on the land and […]

By | December 31st, 2014|Gaia News|7 Comments

Ping Pong Ball Sized Hail Stones in Ecuador!

Well here’s something that hardly ever happens in Ecuador. A hailstorm! The November group came in with a bang! So big that most of them had to carry their backpacks and suitcases in the dark down the driveway to the rooms amidst ping pong ball sized hailstones on the ground everywhere! The van that picked them up at the airport couldn’t enter. This happened the day before Halloween. Muuuuaaaahahahahaha, Muuuuaaahahahaha! All our workers said they have never seen anything like it. We all ran for cover when it started, and everyone was trapped wherever we were until it stopped. It was otherworldly for sure. Hailstones make a lot of noise when they hit the roof, eh? They pattered everywhere like stones falling from the sky. I think someone could have been killed if they were stuck out there with no cover! Yogi the dog got disoriented and ran around in circles until… […]

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Wake me up when September comes!

This was an interesting month! A really wonderful group of people gathered, all ages, and they were all good sports throughout the retreat. The shamans did a great job working with this group and gave everyone great journeys. Of course the first ayahuasca ceremony was all about cleansing and releasing, with everyone letting go of the burdens of the world on many levels, physical, emotional and mentally. Lots of purging for those who had some cleansing to do! The first San Pedro ceremony, all night, blew everyones minds…  […]

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August Ayahausca Retreat: It’s a Wonderful World

What a beautiful journey through consciousness this has been. We had a really beautiful group come together once again and journey well. There were profound healings, emotional releases, and great awakenings. What wonderful people are attracted to Gaia Sagrada! We are so impressed by the kind of people who come here and journey through body, mind and spirit in the dimensions of healing the medicines offer. […]

By | August 29th, 2014|Gaia News|1 Comment

Spider Daughter and the Shamans: Private Retreat

Laura Delaney (Spider Daughter) is a graduate of University of Metaphysical Sciences, which is the organization that built Gaia Sagrada Shamanic Center. She just earned her Masters Degree and created a retreat at Gaia Sagrada as her masters project. What a great masters project she did! Twenty people came with her to Gaia Sagrada and had an incredible… […]

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What a wild ride! Dante’s Camino – Balancing the Extremes

JULY! What a wild ride! Us ladies decided to call this group Dante’s Camino (Dante’s walk or Dante’s way) as we were preparing ceremony food (exotic fruit!) one day. It became really clear to everyone that what we focus on is amplified in our lives, and that it is so important we focus on things that are positive, life enhancing and productive, rather than that which we don’t want in a negative pole vibration. It is our choice and responsibility to choose wisely what we want to make real in our lives. We visited the extremes and came out clear and healed in the end. It was quite a wild ride! […]

By | August 5th, 2014|Gaia News|0 Comments

June Ayahuasca Retreat Went Awesome!

Another one of those beautiful soul families came through here! We are naming them Los Primeros (The Firsts) since they were the first to try out our new ceremonial pavilion for the outdoor San Pedro ceremonies. What an awesome new ceremonial gazebo we have now. We used it and it works perfectly! The energy in there is so sweeeet! […]

By | June 30th, 2014|Gaia News|3 Comments

Anyone Have A Quinoa or Chia Seed Thresher?

We grew LOTS of quinoa, that life affirming and vitality creating grain that has lots of protein, vitamins and minerals, including some omegas, much better than rice for whatever grain needs we have! You can use it in place of rice so that there is more nutrition in your meal, make gluten free bread with it, everything! We grew about 6 acres of it! (3 hectares). NOW we have to figure out how to thresh it and get it ready for consumption… […]

By | June 29th, 2014|Gaia News|0 Comments

Maybirds: So Awesome and Cool!

The past retreat was so beautiful, another awesome group came through here (we have between 15-20 people each retreat). We were debating what to call you guys (I always like to give every group their own nickname), but it had to do something with birds for sure! NEVER before did we have the night sound birds we had those nights of the ceremonies. They came just for you guys! […]

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Gearing up for May!

Getting ready for the May 2104 retreat, it’s gonna be great! Another beautiful soul family is coming to Gaia Sagrada for a special time together, one they will never forget! […]

By | May 8th, 2014|Gaia News|1 Comment

Laugh instead of Cry: Raging Bull Episode!

April 2014 Ayahuasca Retreat: The Crazy Moon Group! The April 2014 retreat went wonderful! That particular soul family that gathered at Gaia Sagrada, well, they came together on a most interesting date. It was the beginning of the Cardinal Cross, which in Astrology indicates a big change for humanity is coming, hasn’t happened for 2000 years, and now it’s here! […]

By | April 29th, 2014|Gaia News|2 Comments