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Shaman Icaros – Ayahuasca Medicine Songs From Amazon

Ayahuasca Medicine Songs These are some traditional ayahausca songs (icaros) sung by a female elder, enjoy! Click to go to the video! Shamanic medicine songs are necessary for ayahuasca ceremonies and ayahuasca retreats or journeying, holding the energy, and carrying a person on their ayahuasca journey. Sacred medicine songs are ancient and beautiful!

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Rosie the Puppy Just Got Adopted Out to a Wonderful Momma!

Hey everyone, look at Rosie the puppy. Isn’t she soooooo cute??? Rosie just got a GREAT home with Kristine who was a retreat participant here in the last retreat and she fell in love with Rosie. Our veterinarian (speaks English, here in Ecuador), helped her get set up with all the papers to take Rosie home to Canada. So they are on their way. We heard from Kristine today on our Gaia Sagrada Family Tree facebook group (you can join the group if you like!) that Rosie got to see the ocean for the first time and was scampering happily around in the waves, since Kristine and her dad went to the beach first before going home to Canada. Can you imagine what it must be like for a puppy to see the waves for the first time? What fun! Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center was really too big and busy [...]

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What Do You Want To Manifest?

Manifesting is the power we have but don’t use consciously most of the time. You are creating your reality whether you know it or not. There is nothing happening in your reality that hasn’t been set up by you in some way or another. Yes, we are all agreeing to be part of mass events and have chosen particular soul agendas that give us the general script we are living by, but we are each ad-libbing, so to speak, within those agreements we have chosen to be part of. Some things ARE out of your control, like the karmic blueprint of your soul and the soul agenda you have come to work on, contracts we have agreed to as to what we have decided to work on in this lifetime or not work on. However, those things do not determine whether you are successful in your life mission. What determines [...]

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Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor

We just got a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor for Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca Retreat Center! Wow! That is awesome! To be recognized for all the great ayahuasca retreat reviews and customer service in our ayahuasca retreat is so wonderful, especially on such prominent site like Here is our listing if you want to check us out on Trip Advisor and all the ayahuasca retreat reviews there. Thank you for your Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews on Trip Advisor! Thank you to everyone who has been here and given us a ayahuasca retreat review. We really appreciate it! You gave us the opportunity to qualify for the Certificate of Excellence for Gaia Sagrada Ayahausca Retreat Center from Trip Advisor. Without your help it wouldn't have been possible! Thank you so much to all you lovely souls!

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A Little Bit of Mopey In All of Us! Ayahuasca Healing Retreat

Mopey got an Ayahuasca Healing! This is Mopey! He used to be a really mopey dog, moping about and acting like nothing will ever be good, just mopin! All the time moping around! Let me tell you about our little Mopey story and how the ayahausca healing retreat we all receive here heals the mopey in all of us! You don’t need an ayahuasca healing to to heal the mopey in you, but Mopey got one just by being around all the ayahuasca healings that have happened here at Gaia Sagrada! Maybe you DO need an ayahuasca healing retreat to cure the mopiness in you, as it helps to interrupt the mopey programming, that’s for sure! Mopey belongs to our next door neighbor and gets bullied around by the other dogs at her place. She’s our wonderful abuelita grandmother who we all know and love, and moves her cows around every day [...]

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