Activities for Renters at Gaia Sagrada

meditateDaily Classes and Activities at Gaia Sagrada for Renters?

Because we are making it extremely inexpensive to live at Gaia Sagrada, we do not have the money to hire meditation and yoga teachers. People in the community may step into those roles depending on who is here at different times, but Gaia Sagrada does not provide these activities with your rent and utilities fees. If you want to participate in retreats when they happen, there are additional fees.

You can use the yoga room if you like, or occasionally someone in the community might want to offer a yoga class for everyone. When there is nothing scheduled at the center, the residents are free to use the facilities as they like.

Free From Your Heart to the Community

Anything you offer to the community residents is REQUIRED to be free. This must just be something you do from your heart. No money can be charged for any type of retreat activities at the facilities that are not scheduled on the Gaia Sagrada Retreat Calendar.

A massage therapist or other types of healers must give Gaia Sagrada $5 for providing the client and also the space. You cannot charge more than Ecuadorian rates, which is normally $15-20 per hour, and with the $5 for Gaia Sagrada no more than a total of $25. People come to Ecuador, and we cannot have people charging high rates in this country. This is a place people come to because they are on a budget, and this country has lower wages for these sorts of services.

Also, please do not aggressively push your services on other residents or visitors, or conduct commercial activities at Gaia Sagrada that are not part of Gaia Sagrada’s programmed schedule or have not been authorized by Gaia Sagrada management.