Helper: Magali  
From: France  
To start with I wanted to thanks Christine and Bruce for their kindness , welcoming and the beautiful work they do helping people to expand their awareness and consciousness.
I also wanted to share my gratitude to them and the shamans (very professionals and so generous) whom helped me to see the other possibilities. (a vast subject).
I am writing a paragraph here but there is so much to it. you need guys to live your own experience there but this place is magical .
People are amazing and for me it allowed me to grow so much so thank you for that opportunity.Ok for you, future work exchange, I can only say that the work there is pretty easy, it allows you to participate in ceremonies for a very good deal, thanks again to Christine and Bruce for their generosity, The number of hours is fair and gives you a lot of room to do your own personal things.
To be honest this is one of the best work exchange I have done
Beds are very comfy and the food is good. The Ecuadorian people are so nice as wellI do want to come back one day and experienced it all over again.

Gaia has a special place in my heart

Love and peace.

And once again a huge thank you to you Christine and Bruce.

PS: so many people say that Christine is an angel might be true. Need to check it out for yourself.

Helper: Megan  
From: United States  
Gaia Sagrada was the experience I needed to kick-start my South American adventures and my relationship with plant medicines. It is a great place if you have little money because staying here and eating is 100 PERCENT FREE!! You also have the opportunity to learn about vegetarian cooking, gardening, and working with the plant medicines, San Pedro and Ayahuasca. Beginning to work with these medicines can be a pretty scary thought, but the enviornment at Gaia is so supporting and familial that you will feel right at home.

The owner, Christine, and the Shamans, Santiago and Salvador are some of the more altruistic, healing people out there. The have devoted their lives to healing others and helping them realize their lost dreams and find themselves.

This place fills up pretty quickly and the volunteers don´t want to leave so make sure you book in advance!! I am looking forward to returning in the future and reuniting with my Gaia family. Truly a life-changing experience!

Helper: Allison and Andrew  
From: United States  
We spent 2 amazing months at Gaia and would have been happy to stay many more!

In our travels we have volunteered at many different places and Gaia is by far the most luxurious! You get amazing vegatarians meals, access to life changing ceremonies, a large piece of land to explore, hottubs and wifi!

We were originally a little bit wary of staying in one place for 2 months but the time flew by. It was a very privileged position to facilitate as groups of people from all over the world came to heal, you learn so much from the guests. You also have access to the shamans and the chances for private conversation with these wells of wisdom. Christine and Bruce are incredible people who only desire bringing more love to the world.

The work never felt like work to me and you only have to do 4 1/2 hours a day. I would recommend a work exchange position here to anybody!

Thank you Christine and Bruce,
Andy + Allie

Helper: Mickael  
From: France  
My best volunteering experience by far! Felt in love with everything this place had to offer and would have staid much longer if I didnt had to get back on the road. You will be in a beautiful location, surrounded by amazing people. I wasnt really aware about what was a shamanic retreat and I have learned so much by helping with the ceremonies, participating at some of them and be around all these beautiful soul. The work is laid back and never overwhelming, basically you dont really feel like working and its like you are part of the retreat. Merci Christine and Bruce! All the best to Gaia Sagrada 🙂
Helper: Hristiyana Dragostinova  
From: Bulgaria  
I had really amazing and definitely life-changing experience here! From the very first moment I got there I felt like home, surrounded by so much love and positive energy! working and cooking for the retreats was a pleasure – I had the possibility to be creative and experiment and I liked the process very much, I met beautiful people and created deep connections and being able to participate in the ceremonies opened my eyes so much, that I just lack words to describe it… I am sad, that I am leaving now Gaya Sagrada, but I will be definitely back after while…Love you, guys, love yoou so much!
Helper: Tracy  
From: Canada  
I had an outstanding stay here. I participated in a 12 day Ayahuasca retreat to start and then stayed for another two weeks. I would have stayed longer but my visa was up. I hope to be back though.

Christine & Bruce, the hosts are some of the most welcoming, gracious, accommodating and kind people I have ever met. I felt like I was at home. They have created a beautiful sacred place with Gaia that is filled with peace, love, and special energy. It is quite luxurious as well…so if you’re looking to ‘rough it’ on a farm or something this is not for you. Gaia is modern, comfortable and almost brand new.

I practically had the whole centre to myself once the retreat was done. I worked on my own as well as with Christine. I basically helped prepare for the next retreat which included cooking and preparing food (you must know how to cook vegetarian food in order to be of real help) as well as cleaning the rooms. The work was easy, and enjoyable. The environment is accepting and laidback, I didn’t even feel like I was working. All the amenities were there to be used as well, such as the fireplaces, hot tub, sauna, movies and wifi.

Gaia is a little bit of a quiet paradise surrounded by mountains and nature. If this is what you like, it is an opportunity not to missed. You will be helping a great cause. Thanks Christine & Bruce! Much love & gratitude to you!

And more….