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A Little Bit of Mopey In All of Us! Ayahuasca Healing Retreat

Mopey got an Ayahuasca Healing! This is Mopey! He used to be a really mopey dog, moping about and acting like nothing will ever be good, just mopin! All the time moping around! Let me tell you about our little Mopey story and how the ayahausca healing retreat we all receive here heals the mopey in all of us! You don’t need an ayahuasca healing to to heal the mopey in you, but Mopey got one just by being around all the ayahuasca healings that have happened here at Gaia Sagrada! Maybe you DO need an ayahuasca healing retreat to cure the mopiness in you, as it helps to interrupt the mopey programming, that’s for sure! Mopey belongs to our next door neighbor and gets bullied around by the other dogs at her place. She’s our wonderful abuelita grandmother who we all know and love, and moves her cows around every day on our land. You’ll see her when you’re here in her colorful Ecuadorian skirt, shirt and shawl. We have no idea what… […]

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New Volcanic Rocks for San Pedro & Ayhuasca Ceremony in Sweatlodge

We got some new rocks! I know, that sounds pretty funny,  huh? Not a lot of people get so excited about rocks, but we do! Especially when they are new volcanic rocks for our San Pedro and Ayahuasca Ceremony in the Sweatlodge (Temezcal in Spanish). First we want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Csaba and Mika for their kind and generous donation toward this effort, as the cost of going and getting these rocks was a little bit daunting. It wasn’t cheap to rent trucks, taxis, pay drivers, hotels, etcetera, even though the rocks themselves were free for the taking at the land where it was near the volcano. If it wasn’t for Csaba and Mika, we couldn’t have done it! A BIG thank you to you two beautiful and lovely souls. Now we’re going to have an even hotter sweatlodge than ever, thanks to you! I’m sure all the future participants will be saying thank you too with a big groan as they sweat out all that “stuff” that it’s time to let go of, ha! Read our Adventure Story with our Ayahuasca Shamans and the Volcanic Rock Hunt! Salvador and Paulina, our ayahuasca shamans, went with their daughter, Marko (one of our lovely volunteers) and Christine Breese to find some new volcanic rocks for our sweatloge ceremony during the ayahuasca retreats at Gaia Sagrada. We weren’t quite sure where to go… […]

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