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We Are Stardust And To The Stars We Return by Christine Breese

Did you know that peanut butter and jelly sandwich you are eating is about 400 gazillion years old? It’s true! Believe it or not. Every cell, molecule and atom in your body is 400 gazillion years old, maybe more. In fact, everything in existence is gazillions of years old. (By the way, for all you mathematicians out there, I don’t know if gazillion is an actual numerical value. I just made that up.) Every particle in the universe is born from a supernova. There is not a single piece of matter in the entire universe that didn’t start off as a star. The elements are born when… […]

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Edith Lesley Foley’s Garden Art at Gaia Sagrada!

Edith Lesley Foley, what an amazing woman with a vivid imagination for gardens. This wonderful lady blessed us with her creations and left a piece of her beautiful heart here forever. Look at these amazing sacred spaces she created here at Gaia Sagrada. We are so very lucky! The Chakra Garden This first sacred space she created is the chakra garden. When I first saw the construction guys making the molds for these doors to the garden, I just couldn’t even imagine what she was building. I had no idea. She tried to explain it to me… […]

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