Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center

Starship Gaia Sagrada: Meet the Command Team on the Bridge!

Here’s some great news. All this time at Gaia Sagrada a few of us have been doing our best to keep up with everything that needs to be done, but it’s been quite the challenge. Gaia Sagrada is bigger than we can do without more help. We were trying to keep it kinda casual, but there just isn’t enough time in a day to wear so many hats for just a few people. We needed someone to manage the volunteer team, someone to take over the grounds, and another to run the kitchen. Those are our three main departments, and we were getting worn a little thin trying to run them all. Help is here at last! We were getting a little too tired with only a skeleton crew doing the millions of things that have to be done to make an Ayahuasca retreat center run smoothly. We managed to [...]

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Great Start to the New Year!

I have to say the January 10-21 group who just came through here was so wonderful we are still missing them! What a great sign they are for the energy that is going to come through here in 2015. We had an awesome January group last year, and an awesome January group this year. It is always refreshing when it is a really “together” group with huge transformations comes through. There were quite a few big transformations in this group, and quantum leaps were taken. Thank you lovely January group for all your beautiful work together and for letting us witness your transformations, each and every one of you! You remind us of the great luck we have to be witnessing this beautiful work in the world! Thank you for all your respect for the shamans and their traditions, and being such a beautiful example of… […]

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