Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center

Ping Pong Ball Sized Hail Stones in Ecuador!

Well here’s something that hardly ever happens in Ecuador. A hailstorm! The November group came in with a bang! So big that most of them had to carry their backpacks and suitcases in the dark down the driveway to the rooms amidst ping pong ball sized hailstones on the ground everywhere! The van that picked them up at the airport couldn’t enter. This happened the day before Halloween. Muuuuaaaahahahahaha, Muuuuaaahahahaha! All our workers said they have never seen anything like it. We all ran for cover when it started, and everyone was trapped wherever we were until it stopped. It was otherworldly for sure. Hailstones make a lot of noise when they hit the roof, eh? They pattered everywhere like stones falling from the sky. I think someone could have been killed if they were stuck out there with no cover! Yogi the dog got disoriented and ran around in [...]

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