Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center

August Ayahausca Retreat: It’s a Wonderful World

  Digital Illustration of colorful Butterflies What a beautiful journey through consciousness this has been. We had a really beautiful group come together once again and journey well. There were profound healings, emotional releases, and great awakenings. What wonderful people are attracted to Gaia Sagrada! We are so impressed by the kind of people who come here and journey through body, mind and spirit in the dimensions of healing the medicines offer. […]

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Spider Daughter and the Shamans: Private Retreat

Laura Delaney (Spider Daughter) is a graduate of University of Metaphysical Sciences, which is the organization that built Gaia Sagrada Shamanic Center. She just earned her Masters Degree and created a retreat at Gaia Sagrada as her masters project. What a great masters project she did! Twenty people came with her to Gaia Sagrada and had an incredible… […]

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What a wild ride! Dante’s Camino – Balancing the Extremes

J A girl smelling a red rose from her lover for valentines ULY! What a wild ride! Us ladies decided to call this group Dante’s Camino (Dante’s walk or Dante’s way) as we were preparing ceremony food (exotic fruit!) one day. It became really clear to everyone that what we focus on is amplified in our lives, and that it is so important we focus on things that are positive, life enhancing and productive, rather than that which we don’t want in a negative pole vibration. It is our choice and responsibility to choose wisely what we want to make real in our lives. We visited the extremes and came out clear and healed in the end. It was quite a wild ride! […]

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