San Pedro & Ayahuasca Shamans Speak Spanish & ENGLISH Too!

Ayahuasca Shamans Speak Both Spanish AND ENGLISH (!) at Gaia Sagrada

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Our South American ayahuasca shamans and san-pedro shamans speak both Spanish AND ENGLISH! Here at Gaia Sagrada you can talk directly in your own language to an authentic ayhausca shaman or san pedro shaman in South America who is not only skilled in the traditional, ancient medicine arts, but can also speak to you in your own language if you speak either Spanish or English.

This is a very rare opportunity and what makes Gaia Sagrada one of the best ayahuasca retreat centers in South America. Why? Translations can be laborious, and more often than not they are incorrect and amateur at an ayahuasca retreat center. There are no professional translators at these South America ayahuasca retreat centers. Here you don’t need a translator in the way of your communication with a shaman. You can speak directly to the shamans yourself!

Both of our ayahuasca shamans and san pedro shamans speak both Spanish and English. Here you can develop a personal relationship with an authentic South America shaman here in Ecuador. No other ayahuasca retreat center in South America offers this!

Authentic Traditional Ayahuasca Shamans in South America, Yet Educated

It is rare to meet an ayahuasca shaman or san pedro shaman who has studied the ancient medicine ceremony arts, yet also has a formal education, speaks English well, and knows our modern world in a functional way, bridging the gap between the ancient and the modern. This is another thing that makes Gaia Sagrada one of the best ayahuasca retreat center in South America. Our shamans have studied with indigenous master shamans in the jungles for decades and grew up around the ayahuasca and san pedro medicines. However, our shamans also have a higher education, some even holding degrees. This sets them apart from any other shaman in South America.

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Education gives our ayahuasca shamans and san pedro shamans the ability to help you with the REAL PROBLEMS YOU FACE in the real world in a way no other South American shaman could who doesn’t know anything about the modern world. This gives our shamans a special skill with being able to work with foreigners through the ancient medicine traditions. They know our culture and where we are coming from, they even know our music, movies and jokes!

This is one of the reasons why our shamans are extremely special. Not to mention their great big hearts, of course! Our shamans are very compassionate, gentle, patient and wise. You will love them! It is the best of both worlds when the north and south parameters come together in a South America shaman. Our ayahuasca shamans and san pedro shamans can bridge the gap between both worlds.

San Pedro Shamans & Ayhuasca Shamans, Available Between Ceremonies in Ayahuasca Retreat

Another thing that makes our shamans special and Gaia Sagrada one of the best ayahuasca retreat centers in South America is because our ayahuasca shamans and san pedro shamans make themselves available to everyone inside AND outside of ceremonies. Yes, you can talk directly to our shamans and develop a personal connection with him or her. Our ayahuasca shamans and san pedro shamans are approachable!