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Shamans in Gaia Sagrada Retreats

It is very rare that all the shamans at a retreat center speak both Spanish and English, educated enough to know two languages, and have studied the traditions with elders and offer ceremonies in the ancient traditional ways. This is a very unique and rare opportunity to connect directly with the shamans yourself, with no translator needed!

Our Shamans Speak Spanish & English! Very Rare!



(Ayahuasca Shaman, Ayahuascero) Salvador is 40 years old and has been practicing shamanism for 17 years. He learned to carry Ayahuasca ceremonies through study with the Shuar tribe of Ecuador’s Amazon forest. He received the blessing of the Shuar elders to share the Ayahuasca (Natem) medicine with others.

In the 17 years that Salavador has been practicing shamanism he has completed many sundances and vision quests. He also helps others in their shamanic vision quest training and still attends sundances in Ecuador and Mexico.

He continues to study the medicine ways with respected elders in Ecuador, Venezuela and Mexico. Salvador is also certified in the ways of the Red Road (Native American Medicine) and works with not only Ayahuasca, but also San Pedro (Aguacoya / Huachuma) in Ecuador. He is also blessed by the elders to carry sweatlodge ceremonies. Salvador supports Sofia in the sweatlodge ceremonies.

Salvador facilitates Ayahuasca, San Pedro and sweatlodge ceremonies in Ecuador, Venezuela and Mexico. We are very fortunate to have such an experienced, well traveled shaman on our healing team to work with you. His songs will move you gently through the medicine ceremonies and his compassion will melt your heart!



(Ayahuasca Shamana, Ayahuascera) Paulina was born in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, learning the ancient traditions and working with native people. They gave her a sacred name, Quilla Pakari. In traditional Quechua language it means Moon Dawn Tshunki Nua, and in traditional Shuar language, Keeper of Freshwater.

She feels in her heart a great responsibility to these traditions and serving them. Her life mission is to serve our life-giving water, earth, fire, and wind. In this exchange of knowledge, finding a state of true inner peace is a goal in her work with the people.

Paulina works in the Ayahuasca ceremonies with Salvador, singing Icaros the way an angel would. She is beautiful inside and out, caring for the people in a truly heartfelt way, and brings the feminine energy to the Ayahuasca ceremonies, a skillful shamana indeed.



(Sweat Lodge and San Pedro Shamana) Born on July 30, 1973, Sofia’s work with health and healing began when she decided to study clinical psychology and has been working as a psychologist since 1997.  She continued training as a humanist therapist, as well as in other types of individual and group modalities.

Within the work of traditional medicine she learned the medicine of the Red Road, the fire of Itzhachilatlan, and also trained in “biodanza” and ancestral medicines. Since 2005 she carried Chanupa, the Sacred Pipe of the Northern Traditions. She finished her 4-year cycle of vision quest, did 8 sundances and 7 dances of the Spirits.

Since 2006, Sofia has been running sweat lodges and continues to this day to bless people with her special medicine magic. She brings a beautiful feminine touch to the world of shamanism.


Roki (Roberto)

Roki has been facilitating sweatlodges and shamanic ceremonies for 20 years and is a wonderful presence with a great sense of humor! We have found him to be a wonderful addition to our shamanic team. He works with Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and several other medicines as well, is well known in Ecuador for his spirited ceremonies, and sings beautiful icaros.

He has also facilitated many important ceremonies for indigenous groups, the government, and is known throughout Ecuador for his professionalism and integrity. He has many newspaper coverages of the ceremonies he has facilitated at important events. He also works for the university as a consultant on indigenous matters, as well as ancestral and tribal ceremonial processes, spiritual structures of their beliefs, and acts as a bridge between ancestral medicines and the public. Roki is always smiling and happy, which shows he has the secret to happiness, and he shares it gladly with everyone!



Christine Breese is the founder of Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador and University of Metaphysical Sciences in California, USA. She has long been working on both University of Metaphysical Sciences, and Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador.

It is one thing to learn about spiritual concepts, but quite another to experience the spiritual worlds directly. Christine feels it is important to offer people an opportunity to meet the master within which plant medicines make possible and in a way that no other method can offer. It takes many, many years of meditation practice to experience the inner worlds this way. Christine Breese calls this the shortcut, the preview to the movie of what your mind and heart can really “see” once you have been practicing meditation and soul travel for a lifetime. Shamanic plant medicine ceremonies offer soul travel through the universe within even if a person has never meditated before. Christine feels it is good for a person to experience that which he or she is aiming for.

If you would like to meet Christine,

Christine chose Ecuador because shamanic ceremonies cannot be offered this way in the USA. It was no small matter to make it possible in Ecuador either, as Ecuador is more highly regulated than Peru. Shamans in Ecuador must be approved by certain organizations and be highly qualified to practice their trade. That is why Ecuador is a much safer place to do ceremonies than any other. Christine Breese chose this beautiful country so people would truly be in safe hands while journeying toward deep healing.



Bruce is from California and has been a supporting force for Gaia Sagrada since the beginning. He believes each person has an individual path, and the way for that person to find the path to Source is deep within. Only the individual can find Source, as no one can tell you how to find God. You yourself must go within and God is then revealed to you through your own consciousness.

When errands of all sorts need to be done, Bruce is there. We call him Señor Seguro because he is always making sure everything is safe and secure. He is always standing by as the straight man during ceremonies to make sure anything that comes up can be handled, anything people need can be gotten, and if someone needs help he’s the go-to guy!

If you want to meet a guy with a big heart, he’s the one. He keeps things light and has a terrific sense of humor. If you ever need anything, Bruce is here to help!



General Manager/Bookings & Communications

Originally from Chicago, USA, Jerry has worked in corporate sales in New York City and Sydney, Australia for most of his professional career. He connected with Ayahuasca several years ago and immediately realized his calling to work with the medicine to support people. He spent time in the amazon jungle before coming to Gaia Sagrada, and has been a wonderful manager since his arrival. If anyone can figure something out or meet your needs, Jerry can.

Jerry manages the operations and retreats at Gaia Sagrada including the bookings & communications, making sure all the guests are supported and happy. Jerry keeps Gaia Sagrada running efficiently and smoothly. His energy is high and is always available to the guests and staff for whatever they may need. Everyone loves him and he is very funny too! We love you Jerry!


Staff & Volunteers: The Angel Dream Team!

We have at all times 15 staff and volunteers to help you with all your needs during your stay at Gaia Sagrada. They take care of you during ceremonies, between ceremonies, and support you with lots of love, laughter, and give you a shoulder to cry on if you need one! Our staff and volunteers are always available. We call them the Angel Dream Team, here to help you with your journey through our ayahuasca retreat.

We have all kinds of beautiful and creative people who come through on our volunteer team, and they are all interesting and sweet in their own ways. Take some time to enjoy their company while they keep everything at Gaia Sagrada running smoothly. Feel free to get to know these wonderful souls and make some new life long friends.


More Staff Members…

We have several more staff members who are a little bit shy on the internet, but you will meet them when you get here!

Victor and Angel maintain Gaia Sagrada and fix anything that comes up. They are also the ones who run the building crew, who built Gaia Sagrada including all the rooms you sleep in, the kitchens where we make your food as well as all the patios, the sauna and the hot tubs where you can relax and enjoy.

Benigno, Jose, and Cesar are the right hand guys of Victor and Angel and when things need to get done, they are the ones to call on. They live here in the Ecuadorian community around us and are our neighbors as well. Benigno rides his horse to work every day so you will see his horse grazing in the fields of Gaia Sagrada when he is here!



Carlos and his wife Maria run the agricultural crew and keep our quinoa looking good all year! Flor cooks for the workers, and she also works with the ladies who come with Carlos to help maintain our quinoa farm.

We cannot even list all the people who have come for extended amounts of time to do work exchange during retreats for discounted prices, and those who actually live here and have acted just like staff even if they didn’t have to, being tour guides in Cuenca, around the mountains, and even taking people on day trips.

The Gaia Sagrada family is indeed beautiful, and we invite you to come and be with us, even if just for a little bit, in this paradise haven in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador!

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