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Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor

We just got a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor for Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca Retreat Center! Wow! That is awesome! To be recognized for all the great ayahuasca retreat reviews and customer service in our ayahuasca retreat is so wonderful, especially on such prominent site like Here is our listing if you want to check us out on Trip Advisor and all the ayahuasca retreat reviews there. Thank you for your Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews on Trip Advisor! Thank you to everyone who has been here and given us a ayahuasca retreat review. We really appreciate it! You gave us the opportunity to qualify for the Certificate of Excellence for Gaia Sagrada Ayahausca Retreat Center from Trip Advisor. Without your help it wouldn't have been possible! Thank you so much to all you lovely souls!

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A Little Bit of Mopey In All of Us! Ayahuasca Healing Retreat

Mopey got an Ayahuasca Healing! This is Mopey! He used to be a really mopey dog, moping about and acting like nothing will ever be good, just mopin! All the time moping around! Let me tell you about our little Mopey story and how the ayahausca healing retreat we all receive here heals the mopey in all of us! You don’t need an ayahuasca healing to to heal the mopey in you, but Mopey got one just by being around all the ayahuasca healings that have happened here at Gaia Sagrada! Maybe you DO need an ayahuasca healing retreat to cure the mopiness in you, as it helps to interrupt the mopey programming, that’s for sure! Mopey belongs to our next door neighbor and gets bullied around by the other dogs at her place. She’s our wonderful abuelita grandmother who we all know and love, and moves her cows around every day [...]

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New Volcanic Rocks for San Pedro & Ayhuasca Ceremony in Sweatlodge

We got some new rocks! I know, that sounds pretty funny,  huh? Not a lot of people get so excited about rocks, but we do! Especially when they are new volcanic rocks for our San Pedro and Ayahuasca Ceremony in the Sweatlodge (Temezcal in Spanish). First we want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Csaba and Mika for their kind and generous donation toward this effort, as the cost of going and getting these rocks was a little bit daunting. It wasn’t cheap to rent trucks, taxis, pay drivers, hotels, etcetera, even though the rocks themselves were free for the taking at the land where it was near the volcano. If it wasn’t for Csaba and Mika, we couldn’t have done it! A BIG thank you to you two beautiful and lovely souls. Now we’re going to have an even hotter sweatlodge than ever, thanks to you! I’m sure all [...]

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Gaia Sagrada NOT Affected by Coastal Earthquake, We Are In Mountains

Digital Illustration of colorful Butterflies Some people have asked if we are affected by the earthquake that happened in Ecuador. We are fine, nothing has been damaged, and it was just a small tremor here, nothing big. Cuenca is on granite so it is pretty stable and doesn't have the devastating earthquakes that some places in the world do. We researched the fault lines of Ecuador before deciding where to buy land and create the center, and for this reason decided not to have our center in any coastal areas. The southern end of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador is the safest area from earthquakes, and there are no fault lines or volcanoes here. Gaia Sagrada is safe and all retreats will go on as planned. The northern coast of Ecuador got hit pretty hard, though, so they could really use everyone's help. We gave already spent thousands of [...]

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Learning How to Wait Gracefully!

So what do you do when there is indecision? Wait! Learn how to wait gracefully. We cannot push the river. We can try, but we will find ourselves frustrated and with struggle if we try to push the timing of the powers that be in this universe ahead of what the timing is supposed to be. Sometimes our patience with the timing of things is a test, to see how much we will surrender to what is happening, or not happening. However, we can be alert and paying attention to the clues that are being shown to us, as the universe is always bringing a clue as to what’s next, even if that means waiting for a little while. Sometimes it is a challenge to simply pick something, especially if there are many choices before us. Sometimes people ask me how they can know they are making the right choice. [...]

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No Mosquitos or Zika virus here!

Some people have asked if they have to worry about the Zika virus and mosquitos that carry it. Don't worry! There is no Zika virus here in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, and no mosquitos either! That's the beauty of the mountains versus the jungles and coasts, you don't have to contend with diseases or the mosquitos that carry them. The only place where the Zika virus is happening is on the coast or in the jungles. If you are not travelling to either of these places, you don't have to worry! In Ecuador, there are no shots or vaccinations required for entry. You can ask your doctor about his or her recommendations if you are travelling to the jungles. It might be wise to do typical vaccinations for jungle tor coastal ravel if that is where you're going. If your journey only includes coming to Gaia Sagrada though, you're [...]

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